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Class 108 M56263 & M50973 Burscough Junction.1 viewsA Class 108 formed of cars M56263 & M50973 arrives at Burscough Junction with the 12.57 Preston to Ormskirk on 21st June 1980. The station had an ever so long down platform complete with a bay, both a legacy from the days when Burscough Junction was on the former double track ex L&Y mainline between Preston & Liverpool Exchange. The connection was still in from Burscough Bridge serving the MOF warehouses through the gate on the right.55555
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Class 150/2, 150243 approaches Rufford.3 viewsA tranquil scene at Rufford late on an Autumn afternoon, as 150243 arrives with an Ormskirk to Preston service on October 29th 1988. To the rear of the unit can be seen one of the semaphore signals that were controlled from the box at Rufford. The box and its mechanical signalling just had a week left before replacement by a modern cabin and colour-lights. The Rufford branch of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal dominates this view, then a quiet backwater, but now transformed with marinas both sides of the canal.55555
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Class 114 E56043 arrives at New Holland Town.1 viewsA refurbished Class 114 DMU formed of cars E56043 & E50001 arrives at New Holland Town with a service from Cleethorpes to New Holland Pier on September 28th 1980. There is much of interest in this view, including a pair of lower quadrant signals, the north to west curve towards Barton-On-Humber, Barrow Road Signal box and the level crossing giving vehicular access to the Pier and the ferry service across the Humber to Hull.55555
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Skipper 142024 arrives at Rufford.1 viewsIn the fading light of an Autumn day, with the Tarleton Branch of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in the foreground, former West of England 'Skipper' Class 142, 142024 arrives at Rufford on November 5th 1988. This was the last day of operation of the mechanical signalling at Rufford, a home signal is visible to the rear of the unit. This tranquil scene has now been transformed with the construction of boat marinas on both sides of the canal.55555
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Goxhill Level Crossing and Signalbox.1 viewsTwilight on October 17th 2015.55555
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Cravens Class 105 M50758 at Moss Lane Jct.0 viewsCravens Class 105 Power-Twin with M50758 leading approaches the site of Moss Lane Junction as it works across Farington Moss with the 11.20 Ormskirk to Preston service on May 12th 1981. The former main line was still double track from Farington Curve Junction to Midge Hall. The site of the lifted connection to Lostock Hall, closed in 1972 is visible in the foreground. The former up line to Ormskirk was taken out of use in 1983. 55555
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DRS 37419 at Burscough.0 viewsDRS 37419 brings up the rear of the Pathfinder Tours 'Lancs Links' as it passes Warpers Moss Lane at Burscough on the return from Ormskirk on March 7th 2015.
The 37s that top-and-tailed this railtour could be heard for several minutes after their passing as the sound carried across the flat West Lancashire countryside.
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DRS 37419 approaches Burscough.0 viewsDRS 37419 approaches Burscough with the Pathfinder Tours 'Lancs Links' from Crewe on March 7th 2015.55555
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Cravens Class 105 M50804, Cocker Bar - Ormskirk Line.1 viewsEvening light at Cocker Bar on the approach to Midge Hall, as a Cravens Power-Twin formed of cars M50804/M50758 powers along with the 18.49 Ormskirk to Preston service on May 12th 1981. The former double track formation along this former main line is clearly visible in this view.55555
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80002 departs from Keighley.0 viewsThe 17.20 departure from Keighley to Oxenhope crosses Low Mill Lane as it climbs away from Keighley with BR Standard 2-6-4T 80002 in charge on June 26th 2000.55555
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ATW 175108 departs from Llandudno.0 views175108 departs from Llandudno, into a rapidly setting sun with the 14.42 Arriva Trains Wales service to Manchester Piccadilly on November 29th 2014.55555
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Class 104, M56175 at Lytham.1 viewsIn the days when the Coast Line from Kirkham to Blackpool South was still a double track railway, a Class 104 2-Car DMU with M56175 leading, calls at a run-down looking Lytham Station on 13th September 1980. A far-cry from the days when this line was busy with express, residential and excursion traffic, how in a area that prides itself on being 'upmarket' was the station allowed to wither away like this. Worse was to follow, in 1983 the Coast Line was reduced to single track.55555
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