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Class 502, M28354M at Hall Road.36 viewsFresh in blue & grey livery, M28354M stands in the centre siding at Hall Road in April 1979. The driving car has a broken centre window.55555
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507023 at Freshfields.5 views507023 in original blue & grey livery, leads a 6-Car formation at Freshfields whilst working a Southport to Hunts Cross Service on the 1st September 1991.55555
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Class 502, M28347M at Sandills.11 viewsClass 502, M28347M in blue & grey livery brings up the rear of a Garston to Kirkby Service at Sandhills on a cold afternoon in January 1979.55555
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507001 at Freshfield Station.15 viewsPioneer Class 507, 507001 still in original livery, calls at Freshfield with a Southport to Hunts Cross service on the 1st September 1991.55555
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Class 507, 507007 at Hall Road Station.7 viewsClass 507, 507007 in Merseyrail livery, leads a 6-car formation into Hall Road in July 1995, whilst working from Southport to Hunts Cross. The Depot is to the left of the station platforms.55555
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Class 503 Farewell Tour at Ormskirk.7 viewsFormed by a pair of 1938 built Class 503 3-car sets, M28690M stands ready to depart from Ormskirk on the 13th April 1985. This was a joint RCTS/LCGB tour that ensured these vintage units went out in style - truly the end of an era on Merseyrail.
In the background can be seen the DMU that has terminated in the former Up platform with a service from Preston over the former main line. In the foreground is the old Down line, used as an emergency loop to by-pass the two truncated sections of track at Ormskirk.
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Class 503, M29288M at Birkenhead Docks.10 viewsM29288M is next in line for breaking at Duke Street Wharf, Birkenhead Docks in July 1984.55555
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11 views55555
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507025 at Ainsdale Station.7 viewsPassengers alight from 507025 as it calls at Ainsdale, with a Northern Line service from Southport to Hunts Cross, on the 4th June 2011.55555
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507012 at Hillside Station.8 views507012 awaits custom at Hillside whilst working from Hunts Cross to Southport on June 4th 2011. The station here still retains its booking office located on the road overbridge. Hillside was opened by the LMS in 1926, to serve the rapidly expanding Southport suburb. It is also the closest station to the Royal Birkdale Golf Club, one of the venues for the Open Golf Championship.55555
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Class 507, 507028 at Hillside.7 viewsClass 507, 507028 draws to a halt at Hillside. whilst working from Southport to Hunts Cross on a hot & sunny afternoon in July 1995. The unit is carrying Merseyrail yellow livery with a black stripe and branded Regional Railways.55555
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507004 at Hillside.6 viewsClass 507, 507004 brings up the rear of a 6-car formation at Hillside, whilst working from Hunts Cross to Southport in July 1995.55555
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