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Class 81, 81007 arrives at Leyland.2 viewsClass 81 81007 arrives at Leyland with an early morning Birmingham International to Lancaster all-stations service on the 18th June 1987. The loco was built by the Birmingham Royal Carriage & Wagon Company at Smethwick, entering service as E3008 in 1960. The loco was withdrawn from service in 1990 and scrapped by Coopers Metals, Sheffield in 1991.55555
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86609 at Basford Hall Yard Crewe.4 viewsLooking like an old War Horse, work stained & battered, class 86 86609 stands in Basford Hall Yard at Crewe on March 26th 2011. The loco was a product of Doncaster Works in 1965, and entered traffic as E3102. 55555
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Freightliner 86609 at Basford Hall Yard Crewe.4 viewsWith over 45 years of active service behind it, a work stained 86609 stands in Basford Hall Yard at Crewe on the 26th March 2011. This image and the others taken in the yard here, were on an official visit under supervision.55555
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86217 at Long Marston.2 views86217 is framed by trees showing the first signs of Autumn at Long Marston, on the 12th September 2010. 86217 was built at Vulcan Foundry, and entered traffic in August 1965 as E3177.55555
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Freightliner 90045 at Crewe Basford Hall Yard.4 viewsIn the smart revised Freightliner 'Powerhaul' livery, class 90, 90045 awaits its next duties at Basford Hall Yard, Crewe on the 26th March 2011.55555
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Class 81, 81019 at Crewe.1 viewsCrewe in the Good Old Days. Vintage Class 81, 81019 calls with a Southbound Summer Saturday Relief from Glasgow Central to Birmingham, made up of Mark I stock, on the 4th July 1987. 81019 was built by BRCW in 1961 as E3022, and was finally withdrawn from service 28 years later, in January 1989. The loco was scrapped in November 1991 by Coopers Metals.44444
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