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86426/E3195 departs from Preston.4 viewsClass 86, 86426 departs from Preston with a service from Glasgow Central to London Euston on the 6th February 1988. To celebrate 21 years of the 'Inter-City' brand, the loco was given a retro 1960s finish in 1987. Complete with its former number, E3195 and cast Lion & Wheel emblem.
The locomotive was originally built at Vulcan Foundry in December 1965. It passed into history at Booths Scrapyard in 2005.
Freightliner 86609 at Basford Hall Yard Crewe.4 viewsWith over 45 years of active service behind it, a work stained 86609 stands in Basford Hall Yard at Crewe on the 26th March 2011. This image and the others taken in the yard here, were on an official visit under supervision.
Freightliner 86604 & 86605 at Basford Hall Yard Crewe.4 viewsHaving worked in multiple, Freightliner 86s, 86604 & 86605 stand together in Basford Hall Yard at Crewe on March 26th 2011. Both locomotives entered traffic, new in 1965, but from different sources. 86604 was constructed at Doncaster Works, as E3103, whilst 86605 was built at Vulcan Foundry at Newton-Le-Willows, emerging as E3185. The two locos have a combined working life of over 90 years!
86609 at Basford Hall Yard Crewe.4 viewsLooking like an old War Horse, work stained & battered, class 86 86609 stands in Basford Hall Yard at Crewe on March 26th 2011. The loco was a product of Doncaster Works in 1965, and entered traffic as E3102.

Freightliner 90045 at Crewe Basford Hall Yard.4 viewsIn the smart revised Freightliner 'Powerhaul' livery, class 90, 90045 awaits its next duties at Basford Hall Yard, Crewe on the 26th March 2011.
Class 87, 87027 approaches Leyland.4 viewsOn an early morning all-stations Birmingham International to Lancaster Service, 87027-'Wolf of Badenoch' prepares to call at Leyland on the 19th June 1987. This service was the only electric hauled train that stopped at Leyland Station.
Class 86, 86102 at Leyland.4 viewsWith loco & stock in InterCity livery, Class 86, 86102-'Robert A Riddles' passes Leyland Station travelling on the Up Fast with a Blackpool North to London Euston Service on the 17th June 1987. 86102 was a product of Vulcan Foundry in April 1966, numbered E3150. The locomotive was scrapped in 2005.

87026 & 86413 at Preston.4 viewsClass 87, 87026-'Sir Richard Arkwright' & 86413-'County of Lancashire', are at Preston standing on the through goods line awaiting a crew change, whilst working a train of steel coils from Ravenscraig to Dee Marsh on the 12th August 1988. The electrics will come off the train at Warrington. In the days when locos were 'common user', the locos are in InterCity livery but employed on freight duties.

Class 87, 87031 at Factory Lane, Penwortham.4 viewsClass 87, 87031-'Hal o' the Wind', passes Factory Lane Penwortham, on the approach to Preston with a London Euston to Glasgow Central Service on the 11th June 1987. There are six tracks on the WCML at this location.
86234 & 87025 Long Marston.3 viewsIn the now obsolete Anglia livery, Class 86, 86234 sits with Virgin liveried Class 87, 87025 on the 12th September 2010. 86234 was a product of Vulcan Foundry, Newton-Le-Willows, and entered traffic in May 1966 numbered E3155. 87025 was built at Crewe and entered traffic in April 1974 on frontline WCML services, and continued to do so until withdrawn in 2004, due to the influx of new Pendolinos.
85028 at Farington Junction.3 viewsDuring re-modelling work at Euxton Junction in October 1985, the signals on the approach to the junction were out of action, and all services were calling at the last operating signal at Farington Junction to receive instructions to proceed at caution. Class 85, 85028 on the Up Slow Line, with an ECS working, waits at Farington Junction on the 12th October 1985.
Class 82, 82006 at Longsight Depot.3 viewsLooking rather the worse for wear, Class 82, 82006 is in store at Longsight Depot in August 1982. The locomotive was constructed just 'down the road' by Beyer Peacock at Gorton in 1960.
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