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Metrolink T-68 1013 RIP.0 viewsGoodbye 1013. Withdrawn from service on Monday 2nd December 2013, 1013 was on an Eccles to Piccadilly service on a typical Manchester evening in the pouring rain at Piccadilly Gardens on November 26th 2013. Retired along with 1013 was 1026, numberically the last delivered of the original batch of T-68s.Dec 03, 2013
Manchester Metrolink T-68, 1017 at Deansgate/Castlefield.0 views1017 waits at Deansgate/Castlefield with an Eccles to Piccadilly working on November 26th 2013. The Metrolink tracks along here are on the formation of the former CLC route from Manchester Central, closed in 1969. Who back in those days would have thought that railed vehicles would pass this way ever again?Nov 29, 2013
Manchester Metrolink T-68, 1013 at St Peters Square.0 views1013 stands in the rain at St Peters Square with a Piccadilly to Eccles service on November 26th 2013.Nov 29, 2013
Manchester Metrolink M5000 3047 at St Peters Square.0 viewsA wet evening in Manchester City Centre at St Peters Square with M5000, 3047 leading on a Bury to Altrincham service on November 26th 2013.Nov 29, 2013

Manchester Metrolink T-68, 1017 at Piccadilly Gardens.0 viewsWith Parker Street alongside, T-68 1017 calls at Piccadilly Gardens whilst working from Piccadilly to Eccles on the wet evening of November 26th 2013.Nov 28, 2013
Manchester Metrolink T-68, 1017 at Piccadilly Gardens.0 viewsT-68 1017 stands in the rain at Piccadilly Gardens with a service from Eccles to Piccadilly on November 26th 2013.Nov 28, 2013
Manchester Metrolink M5000, 3051 at Piccadilly Gardens.0 viewsM5000 3051 stands at Piccadilly Gardens with an Eccles to Piccadilly working on the wet evening of November 26th 2013.Nov 28, 2013
ATW 175008 arrives at Rhyl.0 viewsWith the Arriva Bus Depot as a backdrop, 175008 prepares to call at Rhyl with the 10.20 Holyhead to Cardiff Central Arriva Trains Wales service on November 24th 2013.Nov 28, 2013

Virgin Voygaer 221113 passes Rhyl.0 views221113 passes Rhyl with the 10.42 Crewe to Holyhead Virgin Trains service on November 24th 2013. The much reduced infrastructure at this once busy seaside resort is much evident here.Nov 28, 2013
Rhyl Station.2 viewsA quiet moment on the eastbound platform at Rhyl on November 24th 2013. How many tens-of-thousands of feet have passed this way, expectant holidaymakers of the past, making their way to the station entrance ready to sample the delights that this North Wales holiday resort had to offer. That K6 GPO Telephone Kiosk standing on the platform below the footbridge staircase will have been a silent witness to the comings and goings at this once busy location.Nov 28, 2013
Rhyl No.2 Signalbox.0 viewsThe boarded up, disused Rhyl No.2 Signalbox on November 24th 2013. Built by the LNWR and dating from May 1900, it was originally installed with a 126 lever frame and controlled the once extensive layout at the west end of Rhyl Station. The box closed in 1990 when control of the much reduced track layout passed to Rhyl No.1 at the east end of the station.Nov 28, 2013
ATW 158836 at Conwy.0 views158836 awaits custom at Conwy with the 15.23 Holyhead to Birmingham International on the late afternoon of November 23rd 2013. The arch that the Victorian engineers created to carry the line through the historic town wall is visible at the eastern end of the platforms. The original station here closed in 1966, but was re-opened on the same restricted site in 1987.Nov 28, 2013
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