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Metrolink 3005 - Lower Moseley St.0 viewsMetrolink, M5000, 3005 heads along Lower Moseley Street whilst en-route to Eccles, on Sunday 29th May 2011.
Metrolink 1002 - Lower Moseley St.0 viewsHaving left St Peters Square behind, T68, 1002 passes Manchester Central as it runs along Lower Moseley Street with an Altrincham bound service, on May 29th 2011.
Metrolink 3005 - Lower Moseley St.0 viewsMetrolink M5000, number 3005 runs along Lower Moseley Street on May 29th 2011, with a service to Eccles. St Peters Square is in the background.
Metrolink 1009 at Manchester Central.0 viewsT68, 1009 descends the ramp down to Lower Moseley Street at Manchester Central, with an Altrincham to Piccadilly service on the 29th May 2011.

Metrolink 2002 - St Peters Square.0 viewsMetrolink T68a, 2002 departs from St Peters Square, and crosses the A34, St Peter Street with a Piccadilly to Altrincham service on the 29th May 2011. The Centotaph was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens. There is a proposal to re-locate the Centotaph due to a second Metrolink line to be built through St Peters Square.
St Peters Square.0 viewsT68, 1008 has departed from St Peters Square and has crossed the A34 St Peters Street, as it begins to run up Lower Moseley Street alongside the Midland Hotel, with a service for Altrincham on the 29th May 2011. A proposal for a second Metrolink cross-city line would require the Centotaph to be moved to one side.
Metrolink 1023 - Castlefield.0 viewsMetrolink T68, 1023 accelerates away from the Castlefield/Deansgate stop and crosses the Girder Bridge at Castlefield with an Altrincham bound service on the 29th May 2011. The Metrolink is on the route of the old Cheshire Lines from Manchester Central Station.
Metrolink 2002 - Altrincham.0 viewsT68a, 2002 arrives at Altrincham with a service from Manchester Piccadilly on the 29th May 2011.

Metrolink 1008 - Altrincham.0 viewsJourneys end for T68, 1008 as it arrives at Altrincham on the 29th May 2011. The two tracks seen here are exclusively used by the Metrolink services, whilst on the far right of this scene the non-electrified lines are used by Northern Rail services, to and from Stockport & Chester.
Metrolink 1008 - Altrincham.0 viewsT68, 1008 awaits departure from Altrincham with a service to Piccadilly on the 29th May 2011. The unit will travel over the former Manchester South Junction & Altrincham Railway route towards Manchester, that was originally electrified in 1931. The redundant arch in this scene at the rear of 1008, once led to the electric car sidings & depot of the original 1500v DC system.
Ex GWR 6619 at Bolton Abbey.1 viewsEx GWR 0-6-2T, 6619 makes steady progress away from Bolton Abbey, with the 17.00 service to Embsay on the 29th May 2011. The line runs parallel to the A59 trunk road at this location.
185131 departs from Chorley.1 viewsFirst Transpennine Express, class 185, 185131 moves on from Chorley with the 16.12 Edinburgh to Manchester Airport service, on May 30th 2011.
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