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CO & CP Stock at Long Marston.7 viewsCars 53020 & 53048 have been grounded at Birds Scrapyard at Long Marston, prior to breaking up. 12th October 1981.
1938 Stock 11278 at Birds Long Marston.8 views1938 Tube Stock Driving Motor Car, 11278 is dumped at the end of a siding at Birds Scrapyard at Long Marston on the 12th October 1981. Beyond is a 'mountain' of seat materials stripped from rolling stock long departed.
C77 Stock at Edgware Road.3 viewsC77 stock with car 5712 nearest the camera, was stabled at Edgware Road on the 21st October 1979. The C77 stock was only two years old at the time.
R38 Stock at Upminister.4 viewsAt the end of the District Line at Upminister, a train of R38 Stock with Driving Motor Car 22665 bringing up the rear, waits to depart with a service to Richmond on the 1st May 1980.

CO, CP & COP Stock at Birds Long Marston.9 viewsCars 53048, 54248 & 013184 have reached the end of the line as they await breaking at Birds Scrapyard at Long Marston on the 12th October 1981. The stock dated from the period 1937-1939.
1962 Tube Stock at Stratford.6 views1962 Tube Stock, Driving Motor Car 1452 brings up the rear of an Epping Bound Central Line Service at Stratford on the 22nd October 1979.
1962 Stock at Crewe Works.7 views1962 Tube Stock Driving Motor Car 1727 stands at Crewe Works on the 21st July 1990. The stock was undergoing a refurbishment programme.
A60, 5061 at Amersham.4 viewsMetropolitan Line, A60, 5061 brings up the rear of a service from Harrow-On-The-Hill, at Amersham on the 25th September 2010. The train is about to depart for the reversing sidings, before returning to Harrow.

A60 & A62 at Amersham.4 viewsMetropolitan Line A60 & A62 stock are formed nose-to-nose at Amersham on the 25th September 2010. A time honoured scene, soon to be a thing of the past.....
A62, 5124 at Amersham.3 viewsPassengers chat aboard the first of the A62 cars, number 5124, awaiting departure from Amersham on the 25th September 2010.
A62, 5167 arrives at Amersham.3 viewsJourneys end for A62, 5167 as it arrives at Amersham, with a service from Harrow-On-The-Hill, on the 25th September 2010. Due to engineering work, no Metropolitan line services were operating south of Harrow.
A60, 5072 at Amersham.5 viewsA60 stock, 5072 awaits departure from Amersham with a service to Harrow-On-The-Hill on September 25th 2010. Built by Cravens of Sheffield, and refurbished in the 1990s, these stylish trains completely belie the fact they are 50 years old.
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