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142014 departing from Manchester Victoria.2 views142014 departs from platform 1 at Manchester Victoria, trailing at the rear of an ECS working, on Sunday 1st May 2011. The Metrolink route to Bury is on the extreme right in this scene.
150137 at Manchester Victoria.1 viewsClass 150/1, 150137 climbs away from Manchester Victoria, with the 09.00 to Clitheroe on Sunday 1st May 2011.
142033 at Manchester Victoria.1 views142033 leads a classmate into Manchester Victoria on an ECS working, on Sunday 1st May 2011. The remains of Manchester Exchange Station can be seen on the extreme left of this view.
323237 on the MSJ&A Viaduct, Manchester.1 views323237 has just departed from Manchester Oxford Road, and is heading for Manchester Piccadilly on May 1st 2011. The train is passing Charles Street Car Park, and is running along the brick viaduct built by the Manchester South Junction & Altrincham Railway in 1849. The magnificent clock tower of the former Refuge Insurance building, situated on Oxford Road, dominates the skyline here.

150148, MSJ&A Viaduct, Manchester.3 viewsA pair of Class 150/1 Sprinters, 150148 & 150144, make their way along the viaduct between Oxford Road and Piccadilly Stations on May 1st 2011. The units are working from Southport to Manchester Airport.
150270 at Altrincham.0 viewsClass 150/2, 150270, approaches Altrincham with a service from Manchester Piccadilly to Chester, on May 1st 2011. The electrified tracks to left of the unit, are used by the Manchester Metrolink trams, running over the former heavy rail line from Manchester since conversion in 1992. The overhead line for the trams is energised at 750v DC.
150270 at Altrincham Station.0 viewsYou don't see many pictures of Altrincham! 150270 calls with a service from Manchester Piccadilly to Chester on May 1st 2011. The platforms to right of this scene are used by the Manchester Metrolink trams. This section of railway, back towards Manchester Oxford Road, first saw electric trains in 1931, when the line was energised at 1500v DC. Looking at that lattice overhead support, it probably dates from that period. The MSJ&A electrified section was converted to standard 25Kv voltage in 1971.
142057 departs from Lostock Hall.0 viewsWith Lostock Hall Junction in the distance, 142057 gets underway with the 14.07 Preston to Colne on March 22nd 2015.

Class 150/1 150139 at Lostock Hall.0 viewsA tidy-looking 150139 prepares to call at Lostock Hall with the 13.23 Colne to Blackpool South on March 22nd 2015.
144004 at Hellifield.0 views144004 departs from Hellifield with the 17.21 Leeds to Morecambe service, on May 1st 2011. The renewed semaphore signal on the right has had the attention of the H&S people.
158784 arrives at Hellifield.1 viewsClass 158, 158784 arrives at Hellifield with the 16.37 Carlisle to Leeds service, on May 1st 2011.
158843 departs from Hellifield.0 views158843 departs from Hellifield with the 17.33 Leeds to Carlisle service, on 1st May 2011.
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