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Class 03, 03079 at Sandown.2 viewsTransferred to the Isle of Wight in 1984, as a replacement for 05001, 03079 had to have its cab roof reduced in height to fit the tight Island loading gauge. The loco spent most of its time on the Isle of Wight in the sidings at Sandown with its entourage of departmental wagons, as seen here in July 1993. Built at Doncaster in 1960 as D2079, the loco worked from various North Eastern Region Depots, until it was moved to Eastleigh in 1983, where the cab height was modified before transfer across the Solent.
483006 at Skew Bridge Lake.1 viewsThe 15.18 Shanklin to Ryde Pier Head, with 483006 in charge, has just passed under the Skew Bridge at Lake, which carries the A3055 over the line. The unit is approaching the footcrossing at Lake Footpath Gardens on the 12th July 2010.
483007 at Lake.1 views483007 has just passed the seven and a half milepost as it slows for the station stop at Lake, with the 15.40 Shanklin to Ryde Pier Head on the 12th July 2010.
483007 at Ryde.2 viewsHaving just emerged from the southern portal of Ryde Esplanade tunnel, 483007 has just passed the Ryde St Johns Road down line, distant signal as it approaches Rink Road bridge with the 17.08 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin, on the 10th July 2010.

483006 & 483008 at Ryde St Johns Road.2 views483006 & 483008 were stabled on number one and two roads at Ryde St Johns Road Depot, on the afternoon of the 9th July 2010. In the background through the windows of 008, unit 009 is berthed in the cleaning siding.
483006 at Ryde St Johns Road Depot.3 views483006 in the Depot yard at Ryde St Johns Road, on the hot afternoon of the 10th July 2010.
483006 at Ryde St Johns Road.3 viewsA view between the third rail electrical substation at Ryde St Johns Road, and the scaffolding clad signalbox, sees 483006 stabled in the Depot yard on the 9th July 2010.
483007 on Ryde Pier.3 viewsWith the spire of All Saints Church dominating the skyline, 483007 rumbles up Ryde Pier to meet the catamaran from Portsmouth on the 9th July 2010. The site of the abandoned pier tramway is visible on the right of this scene.

PS Ryde at Binfield.2 viewsThe sad sight of the rusting remains of the ex Southern Railway & British Railways paddle steamer, 'Ryde' in July 2010.
Built for the Portsmouth-Ryde Pier Head service, Ryde was one of a long line of ships built by Denny of Dumbarton. Ryde dated from 1937, and was in service until 1969. For a ship that served in WWII as a minesweeper and at D-Day, its current plight, abandoned to the elements on the mudflats, is a national disgrace.
483006 at Sandown Station.3 views483006 waits for custom at Sandown whilst working the 15.50 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin service, on the 12th July 2010. This unit was the last to carry the old dinosaur blue livery until reliveried into LT style colours in 2009.
483006 departs from Sandown.4 views483006 runs over a carpet of green as it departs from Sandown with the 15.50 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin service on the 12th July 2010.
483007 departs from Sandown.4 views483007 leaves the station loop at the south end of Sandown, and enters the single line section to Lake and Shanklin. The unit is about to commence the 1in80 gradient, that tested the steam hauled trains of the past. 12th July 2010.
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