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97653 (PWM653) at Swindon Works.2 viewsA moment in time captured inside A Shop at Swindon Works on May 14th 1984. Ruston & Hornsby departmental 0-6-0 shunter, 97653 was being overhauled in the company of 08710. 97653 was built by Ruston & Hornsby, works number 431760, entering service in July 1959 numbered PWM653. The loco was one of a fleet of 5 similar machines for use with the Western Region Permanent Way Department. When new it was allocated to the p.way depot at Theale, but later moved to Reading, then Radyr. It was withdrawn in 1992.
Class 06, 06008 at Polmadie Depot.6 viewsWithdrawn Andrew Barclay Class 06, 06008 was at Glasgow Polmadie Depot on July 21st 1982. The locomotive had been withdrawn from service in October 1980.
Class 40, 40105 at Daisyfield Level Crossing.3 viewsWith a train of loaded Presflo wagons from the Cement Works at Clitheroe, Class 40 40105 passes over Daisyfield Level Crossing on the North East side of Blackburn on a glorious June 8th 1979.
40105 was the first of a batch of twenty Class 40s built at the Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn Factory at Darlington, which was then part of the English Electric empire. Completed in October 1960, the loco had just over 20 years in service, being withdrawn in December 1980. It was scrapped at Swindon Works in March 1981.
Sandite DMU Set 960995 at Preston.2 viewsMetro-Cammell Class 101 DMU cars, 53291 & 53208 were converted to Sandite Cars and renumbered, 977903/904 the set being given the number 960995. Still in blue & grey livery from the days when they were passenger cars, the set was stabled at Preston on May 28th 1994.

Gloucester/Cravens Twin at Southport.3 viewsThe last operational asbestos free Cravens Class 105 (M53812) and Gloucester Class 100 (M53355) operating from Newton Heath Depot, were paired together as a twin set for their last few months in traffic. The unit was employed on the Steamport shuttle from Southport Station to the museum at the former locomotive depot at Derby Road on September 23rd 1984 during a joint BR/Steamport open day. The DMU was to be saved as part of the national collection but was vandalised beyond repair at Crewe whilst in store.
Class 40, 40099 at Preston.9 viewsClass 40, 40099 is on an engineers train stood in Platform 3 at Preston Station, during Sunday engineering work in September 1978.
Class 104, M50455 at Manchester Victoria.4 viewsA scene from the Manchester Victoria of old - a well worn location with an equally well-worn first generation diesel multiple unit. A Class 104 BRCW DMU with M50455 leading, was awaiting departure for Blackpool North on the 16th September 1980. These units, allocated just up the line at Newton Heath, dominated the services to Blackpool & Southport in the 1970s and into the early 1980s.
The Last Class 08 Built - 08958 at Grays.3 views08958, was the last Class 08 to be built, the loco was stabled in the car loading terminal at Grays on March 4th 1984. It was new from Darlington Works in August 1962, numbered D4192 and was allocated to Stratford Depot in East London. Deemed surplus to requirements by EWS in 2001 it was scrapped at Wigan CRDC.

31432 arrives at Southport.4 views31432 brings the 5-Coach 17.19 service from Manchester Victoria into Southport on the 13th June 1994. In the immediate background are the disused remains of the former excursion platforms, complete with toilet block buildings.
33060 at Ashford.4 viewsClass 33, 33060 was stabled for the weekend at Ashford on October 23rd 1983. Built by the Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Company at Smethwick, D6579 was new in December 1961. A Southern Region locomotive all its life, it was withdrawn from service in October 1990 and scrapped at Eastleigh Depot in 1992.
Class 55 Deltic 55002 at Selby.2 viewsIn the good old days when Selby was on the East Coast Main Line, Deltic 55002 -'The Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry' has double ambers as it awaits departure at dusk whilst working a York to London Kings Cross service on October 12th 1980. This was just prior to the loco coming under the wing of the NRM, and whilst staying active on ECML & excursion/railtour duties, 55002 was returned to green livery and eventual preservation as part of the national collection. Note the centre roads, now a memory.
Class 45 45005 passes Dawlish Warren.2 viewsOn a rather overcast 8th April 1980, 45005 accelerates a lengthy NE/SW service made up of MkI stock on the Down through road at Dawlish Warren. With mechanical signalling and plenty of loco-hauled trains - Happy Days!
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