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HST 253011 (W43022) at Truro.3 viewsHST set 253011 with Power Car W43022 leading arrives at Truro under the watchful gaze of three BR staff, with a London Paddington to Penzance service on July 21st 1980. In the Goods Facility to right is ex-works 37275 and two new Mark 3 Coaches, (W41147 & W44015) along with the NRM Stephenson's 'Rocket' Replica and Coach. There was a BR mini exhibition being held entitled 'The Age of the Train' and promoting BR services to London. 34 years on and Power Car 43022 is still active with First Great Western.
Cravens Class 105, M54456 at Croston.3 viewsCoupled to a Derby built Class 108 Driving Motor Brake Second in blue & grey livery, former Eastern Region Cravens Class 105 Driving Trailer M54456 was still in rail blue at Croston on August 13th 1983. The odd couple were working the 16.15 Ormskirk to Preston service. The downgrading of the former main line from Preston to Ormskirk is evident with the abandoned platform on this once double track railway.
Class 47, 47110 at Penwortham.8 views47110 heads a northbound Speedlink service at Penwortham, just South of Preston on the 22nd June 1987. The WCML at this location has six running lines.
50026 at Dawlish Warren.2 viewsThere are some fine examples of 1970s and early 1980s vehicles in the car park at Dawlish Warren, as Class 50 50026 -'Indomitable' slogs along with the 11.42 London Paddington to Plymouth working on June 3rd 1983. The concrete troughing was being laid alongside the up line in readiness for the abolition of the vintage Western Region lower quadrant signals that graced this location.

Class 302 EMU 215 at Southend Victoria.1 viewsClass 302 electric multiple units gather at Southend Victoria on May 1st 1980. Passengers board set 215 that was bound for Liverpool Street. Built at York and Doncaster between 1958 and 1960 and comprising a total of 112 four-car units, the last of the Class 302 fleet was withdrawn in 1999.
46001 at Newquay.1 viewsOn a perfect Summers evening, a rather woe-begone looking 46001 awaits departure from Newquay with a local service to Plymouth formed of 5 MkI coaches on July 23rd 1980. 46001 was new from Derby Works in October 1961 as D138. The loco was withdrawn from service on December 14th 1980, just shy of 5 months after this image was recorded. The loco was scrapped at Swindon Works in July 1982.
Hastings Units at Hellifield.7 viewsAt the rear of the 'Long Thin Drag' railtour on the 12th April 1986, a pair of Hastings Power Cars were placed as 'Insurance' should problems arise during this lengthy tour. Set 1032 formed the main section of the train, with power cars from set 1001 bringing up the rear as the tour passed Hellifield during a lucky burst of decent light on an otherwise overcast day.
Class 50, 50018-'Resolution' passes Dawlish Warren.2 viewsIn large logo livery, 50018 -'Resolution' forges past Dawlish Warren with the 12.05 London Paddington to Penzance on June 3rd 1983. The loco was new from Vulcan Foundry in April 1968 numbered D418. After use on WCML services North of Crewe, 50018 migrated South to the Western Region in May 1974. The loco was withdrawn from service at Plymouth Laira Depot in July 1991 with engine problems. It was scrapped by MC Metals in Glasgow in July 1992.

47446 with the Paddington TPO at Penzance.4 views47446 was stabled with the stock of the Royal Mail TPO service to London Paddington (1A01) at Penzance on the afternoon of July 28th 1979. Just like the TPO, 47446 is no longer with us. New from Crewe Works in April 1964 numbered D1563, the loco was in service for nearly 28 years, being withdrawn from service in February 1992. 47446 was scrapped at Old Oak Common in 1997.
Class 506, M59603M at Hadfield.6 viewsClass 506 Twilight. Almost at the end of 1500vDC operation on the remaining section of the former Manchester-Sheffield main line, a Class 506, with trailer M59603M at the rear, is stood at Hadfield waiting to return to Glossop & Manchester in November 1984. This was just a few weeks before the line was converted to 25KvAC, and the 506s replaced by Class 304s.
The track in the foreground is the disused down line from Sheffield, the closed section beyond Hadfield was still intact when this image was recorded.
Class 108 M54231 at Hoscar.4 viewsAt the West Lancashire rural outpost of Hoscar, Class 108 Driving Trailer, M54231 leads a Manchester Victoria to Southport service at Hoscar on October 4th 1986. The station with staggered platforms, serves a small hamlet in a rural landscape, the area being well known for its arable crops grown in the fertile soil of the West Lancashire Plain.
73001 arrives at Southampton Central.4 viewsA pair of Southern Region rail built home signals act as gate guardians, as a very smart looking 73001 enters Southampton Central with a short mail/parcels working bound for Weymouth on July 28th 1978. The first of the Class 73 Electro-Diesels, 73001 emerged from Eastleigh Works in February 1962 as E6001. The class was indigenous to the Southern Region for most of their working lives, but in a bizarre twist, five 73s ended up on Merseyside in the 1990s, including the locomotive seen here.
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