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Class 502, M28338M at Ainsdale.25 viewsM28338M leads a 3-car class 502 set at Ainsdale in March 1979. The set was one of a few that were finished in blue & grey livery, which made these vintage sets bow out with some diginity in their final years of operation. Notice the LMS concrete lamp standards, contemporary with the class 502s.
Class 502, M28326M at Ainsdale.24 viewsStill retaining rail blue livery, M28326M rolls to halt at Ainsdale on a working from Southport to Liverpool Central in March 1979.
Class 502, M28354M at Hall Road.36 viewsFresh in blue & grey livery, M28354M stands in the centre siding at Hall Road in April 1979. The driving car has a broken centre window.
Class 507, 507006 at Formby.16 viewsClass 507, 507006 arrives at Formby with a Southport to Hunts Cross service on the 1st September 1991. The home & distant signal has had its replacement colour light bracket gantry installed.

Class 502, M28334M at Birkenhead Docks.20 viewsAmongst the last batch of Class 502s awaiting disposal at Birkenhead Docks on the 9th August 1981, was M28334M, which had formed part of a 2-car de-iceing unit with a chevron painted yellow cab.
Class 502 M28333M at Kirkdale.15 viewsM28333M brings up the rear of a Garston to Kirkby service at Kirkdale in October 1979.
Class 502s pass at Freshfield Station.25 viewsClass 502s cross at Freshfield Station in May 1980. M28357M brings up the rear of a Southport bound service, whilst M28323M leads on a Liverpool Central working. One unit is still in rail blue, whilst the other has been smartened up in blue & grey.
Class 502 Centre Trailer.17 viewsA class 502 intermediate centre coach, in blue & grey livery is stabled at Hall Road Depot in April 1979. These trailers were rarely photographed, and have now all been scrapped.

Class 502 Centre Trailer.15 viewsEx LMS Class 502 centre trailer coach, still in plain rail blue livery, is seen at Hall Road Depot in April 1979. The unpowered intermediate class 502 trailers were all broken up with no survivors.
Class 502, M28355M at Hall Road Station.13 viewsA passenger marches towards the rear of Class 502, M28355M at it awaits departure from Hall Road, whilst working from Liverpool Central to Southport in October 1979.
Class 502, M28319M at Garston.13 viewsM28319M awaits departure from Garston with a service to Kirkby in April 1979. Garston was on the former CLC route from the old Liverpool Central Terminus closed in 1972. The line was reopened & electrified by Merseyrail as far as Garston in 1977, using a new connection from the low-level Liverpool Central Station on the Northern Line.
Class 502, M28355M at Aintree.12 viewsM28355M arrives at Aintree with a service from Ormskirk in April 1979. The leading set still retains rail blue livery, whilst the rear set is in blue & grey.
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