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Class 501 at Broad Street.6 viewsLondons lost terminus. Two 3-Car London District class 501s stand at Broad Street on the 22nd October 1979. Driving Motor Brake Second M75150 is nearest the camera. The station was opened by the North London Railway in 1865, and one platform survived the demolition of the terminus in November 1985, the remaining single platform finally closing in June 1986 bringing the curtain down on 121 years of railway activity. The class 501s were replaced by Class 313s in 1985.
Southern Region 2-HAP Driving Trailer at Horwich Works.6 viewsIn a scene reminiscent of Eastleigh or Ashford, Driving Trailer S16017S from 2-HAP set number 5617, awaits breaking up at Horwich Works in July 1982. This trailer was one of a batch built on the pre-war chassis of Southern Railway 2-NOL units.
Class 504, M77163M at Bury Electric Depot.5 viewsSurplus to requirements, and in faded early BR blue, Manchester-Bury 1200vDC Class 504, M77163M stands at Bury Electric Depot on a dull day in August 1977.
4-VEP 7745 at Lymington Town.3 viewsYork built 4-VEP emu, 7745 departs from Lymington Town, and passes over Bridge Road level crossing, with a service from Lymington Pier to Brockenhurst in July 1986.

4-REP 2001 arrives at Brockenhurst.4 viewsBuilt for the Bournemouth line electrication in 1966/67, the 4-REP emus were powerful pieces of kit, developing over 3,000hp. They acted as tractor units at the London end of Bournemouth line express services, and hauled one or two non-powered 4-TC trailer sets. Set 2001 arrives at Brockenhurst, with an early morning service to London Waterloo in July 1986.
4-SUB 4647 at Manchester Victoria.4 viewsWithdrawn Southern Region 4-SUB unit 4647, heads for scrapping at Horwich Works, passing through Manchester Victoria in the consist of a freight on the 16th September 1980.
Connex 4-Cig 1743 at New Milton.4 viewsConnex liveried 4-Cig, 1743 stands at New Milton with a Bournemouth to Brighton Service in May 1998.
Class 504s Radcliffe Viaduct.3 viewsWith a backdrop of typical Lancashire scenery, in readyness for the evening peak services, a pair of Class 504 emus cross Radcliffe Viaduct, as they run between Bury and Manchester Victoria in September 1989.

Class 504 M77177 at Bury Electric Depot.2 viewsThere were no Sunday services on the Bury-Manchester line, and the Class 504 fleet was stabled for the day at Bury Electric Depot. On May 15th 1979, Driving Trailers M77177 along with M77181 & M77181 whiled away a Sunday afternoon in the yard at Bury Electric Depot. There is a light covering of rust on the running rails. The signals on the left of this scene were at Baron Street and controlled the approach to the station at Bury Bolton Street.
Connex 4-CIG 1845 at New Milton2 viewsConnex liveried 4-CIG, 1845 calls at New Milton with the 16.55 Southampton to Bournemouth Connex South Central service on the 28th May 1998. This was a continuation of a service from Brighton to Southampton.
Class 504 M77178 at Radcliffe.3 viewsWith only three weeks left before the cessation of 3rd Rail working on the former Bury to Manchester line, a scuffy looking Class 504 emu with M77178 leading, approaches the stop at Radcliffe with a Bury to Crumpsall service on the 29th July 1991. The masts for the overhead and the new colour-light signal are installed ready for conversion of the line to the Manchester Metrolink.
Class 504 M77159M at Bury Electric Depot.4 viewsWithdrawn as surplus to requirements due to service reductions in the late 1960s, Class 504 Driving Trailer M77159M was stabled at the side of Bury Electric Depot on May 15th 1979. The heavily stripped car still carrying BR green livery was sat on accomodation bogies that came from one of the original L&Y electric sets that were withdrawn in 1959.
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