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87006 at Farington Curve Junction.3 viewsIn an early variant of InterCity livery, 87006-'City of Glasgow', passes Farington Curve Junction on the Up Slow Line with a mixed freight on the 23rd July 1985.
87003 at Galgate.0 viewsWith the Bowland Fells in the background, 87003-'Patriot' wends its way through the North Lancashire countryside, between Galgate & Oubeck with the 14.55 London Euston to Carlisle on August 2nd 2003. This was twilight time for locomotive hauled services on the WCML, by 2004 an ever increasing tide of new Class 390 Pendolinos would oust time-honoured scenes such as this.
Class 81, 81007 arrives at Leyland.2 viewsClass 81 81007 arrives at Leyland with an early morning Birmingham International to Lancaster all-stations service on the 18th June 1987. The loco was built by the Birmingham Royal Carriage & Wagon Company at Smethwick, entering service as E3008 in 1960. The loco was withdrawn from service in 1990 and scrapped by Coopers Metals, Sheffield in 1991.
86412 at Preston.2 viewsClass 86, 86412-'Elizabeth Garrett Anderson' is illuminated by low winter sunlight as it is stabled between duties at the north end of Preston Station in November 1985. The locomotive was a product of Doncaster Works in 1965, numbered E3122. In 2011 the loco is still in service with Freightliner, now carrying the Number 86612.
The tower crane in the background of this view was for the construction of the Fishergate Shopping Centre, built on the site of the old East Lancashire Goods Yard closed in 1972.

87011 arrives at Preston.1 views87011 -'City of Wolverhampton' reaches journeys end as it crosses the Ribble Bridge on the approach to Preston with the 06.55 terminating service from London Euston on August 9th 2003. 87011 was withdrawn from service in 2004 and following a period in store, was scrapped by EMR at Kingsbury in 2011.
83002 at Longsight Depot.2 views83002 heads a line-up of withdrawn Class 83 locomotives at Longsight Depot on August 14th 1983. The locos in view here were 83002, 83008, 83013, 83010 & 83007. None of them worked again and were all subsequently scrapped.
87009 at Crewe Station.1 viewsDespite the Virgin livery, there is almost a 1960s feel to this scene at Crewe Station on August 9th 2003. The iron & glass canopy, LNWR wall, older type catenary mast and the 'Crewe' flourescent lamp cover, provide a setting for 87009-'City of Birmingham' awaiting the arrival of a Holyhead to London Euston service.
After a long period of storage at Long Marston, 87009 departed the UK for Bulgaria in October 2012.
86242 arriving at Wigan North Western.1 viewsClass 86, 86242-'James Kennedy GC' arrives at Wigan North Western with a Bournemouth to Edinburgh Virgin Trains Cross-Country Service on the 17th May 1998. The loco was built at Doncaster in 1965 numbered E3138.

87010-'King Arthur' at Wigan North Western.0 viewsThe driver looks back to see what the delay is, as 87010 -'King Arthur' calls at Wigan North Western whilst working the 13.20 London Euston to Preston service on the 17th May 1998.
Class 87, 87010 in the Lune Gorge.1 viewsRunning alongside an almost empty M6 Motorway, 87010-'King Arthur' threads the Lune Gorge as it heads north with a London Euston to Glasgow Central Service on glorious July afternoon in 1982. On the fell above the first coach can be seen 'Broken Ghyll Plantation', a heart shaped clump of trees, supposed to represent the centre of the old county of Westmorland. 87010 is now in service in Bulgaria.
Class 90 90003 at Crewe.1 viewsA scene from the happy days at Crewe before the WCML was swamped with souless Pendolinos.
Class 90, 90003 -'The Herald' was propelling an additional service from Manchester Piccadilly to London Euston on Saturday 17th August 1996.
87101 at Crewe Basford Hall Yard.3 viewsThe unique thyristor controlled Class 87, 87101-'Stephenson' was returned to BR blue livery in its later years of operation. The loco was on display in Crewe Basford Hall Yard on the August 27th 1995. New from Crewe Works in March 1975, the loco was originally to be numbered 87036. Deemed as non-standard it was the first class 87 to be scrapped in 2002.
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