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Class 81, 81011 at Leyland.2 viewsClass 81, 81011 stands at Leyland Station with a Birmingham International to Lancaster all-stations service on the 30th June 1986. The service arrived at Leyland at 8am, mopping up a large number of Preston bound commuters in the process. 81011 was built in 1960 numbered E3013.
Class 87, 87032 at Wigan North Western.2 viewsIn Virgin Trains livery, Class 87, 87032-'Kenilworth' provides the power at the rear of a Sunday afternoon Preston to London Euston Service at Wigan North Western in August 1999. After being in long-term storage when replaced by Pendolinos in 2004, 87032 was finally scrapped in 2010.
86315 at Farington Junction.3 views86315-'Rotary International' stands at Farington Junction on the 12th October 1988. All services were using the Slow Lines as major re-modelling was taking place at Euxton Junction, and were being hand signalled through the area. 86315 carried many identities in its 42 year career, emerging from Doncaster Works in 1965 as E3123, renumbered in 1973 to 86015, then 86315, 86415 & finally 86615. The loco was scrapped in 2007.
Class 85, 85015 at Farington Curve Junction.1 viewsClass 85, 85015 heads northbound on the Down Fast Line at Farington Curve Junction with a Speedlink Service on the 3rd September 1988. 85015 was new in 1962, a product of Doncaster Works and numbered E3070. The locomotive lasted 30 years, being scrapped at MC Metals in Glasgow in 1992.

86245 at Farington Curve Junction.1 viewsClass 86, 86245-'Dudley Castle' passes Farington Curve Junction, on the southern approach to Preston, with a London Euston to Glasgow Central service on the 24th July 1985. 86245 was new from Vulcan Foundry in September 1965 as E3182. The loco was eventually broken up for scrap in 2010.
85028 at Farington Junction.3 viewsDuring re-modelling work at Euxton Junction in October 1985, the signals on the approach to the junction were out of action, and all services were calling at the last operating signal at Farington Junction to receive instructions to proceed at caution. Class 85, 85028 on the Up Slow Line, with an ECS working, waits at Farington Junction on the 12th October 1985.
Class 85, 85013 at Farington Junction.2 viewsOn a fine summers evening, 85013 passes Farington Junction along the Up Slow line with a rake of empty Carflat wagons. 4th July 1986.
Class 87, 87019 at Wigan North Western.2 viewsStill in InterCity livery, 87019-'Sir Winston Churchill', is at the rear of a Glasgow Central to London Euston Service at Wigan North Western in August 1999. 87019 is still in service in Bulgaria.

90039 at Leeds on hire to GNER.2 viewsOn hire to GNER, Class 90, 90039 in faded Railfreight Distribution Livery, stands at Leeds after arriving with a service from London Kings Cross in May 1999.
Class 87 at Farington Curve Junction.2 viewsIn original condition, unnamed, and with a cross-arm pantograph, an unidentified Class 87, gets into its stride at it leaves the Preston stop behind it, and is seen approaching Farington Curve Junction on the Up Fast Line, on a summers evening in August 1977.
87006 departs from Preston.3 viewsIn a scene repeated daily, but now passed into history, Class 87, 87006-'George Reynolds', departs from Platform 3 at Preston, and is about to pass under Fishergate Bridge with a London Euston to Glasgow Central Service in May 2001.
86426/E3195 departs from Preston.4 viewsClass 86, 86426 departs from Preston with a service from Glasgow Central to London Euston on the 6th February 1988. To celebrate 21 years of the 'Inter-City' brand, the loco was given a retro 1960s finish in 1987. Complete with its former number, E3195 and cast Lion & Wheel emblem.
The locomotive was originally built at Vulcan Foundry in December 1965. It passed into history at Booths Scrapyard in 2005.
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