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Class 87, 87031 at Factory Lane, Penwortham.4 viewsClass 87, 87031-'Hal o' the Wind', passes Factory Lane Penwortham, on the approach to Preston with a London Euston to Glasgow Central Service on the 11th June 1987. There are six tracks on the WCML at this location.
86246 at Long Marston.2 viewsA rather woebegone looking 86246 stands at the rear of the loco shed at Long Marston on the 12th September 2010. The loco was built at Vulcan Foundry, and entered service in April 1966 as E3149.
86234 & 87025 Long Marston.3 viewsIn the now obsolete Anglia livery, Class 86, 86234 sits with Virgin liveried Class 87, 87025 on the 12th September 2010. 86234 was a product of Vulcan Foundry, Newton-Le-Willows, and entered traffic in May 1966 numbered E3155. 87025 was built at Crewe and entered traffic in April 1974 on frontline WCML services, and continued to do so until withdrawn in 2004, due to the influx of new Pendolinos.
86217 at Long Marston.2 views86217 is framed by trees showing the first signs of Autumn at Long Marston, on the 12th September 2010. 86217 was built at Vulcan Foundry, and entered traffic in August 1965 as E3177.

Class 87, 87025 at Long Marston.1 viewsEx Virgin Class 87, 87025 was in store at Long Marston on the 12th September 2010. 'County of Cheshire' was withdrawn in 2004, surplus to requirements, ousted from WCML front line service by souless Pendolinos. The loco was new from Crewe Works in October 1974.
86235 at Long Marston.2 viewsIn Anglia livery, 86235 stands at Long Marston on the 12th September 2010. A product of Vulcan Foundry, the loco entered traffic in January 1966 carrying the number E3194. The loco carried the name 'Novelty' from 1979-1990, and commemorated the 150th anniversary of the Rainhill Trials in 1980, finished in a special livery for 'Rocket 150'.
86226 & 86234 at Long Marston.1 views86226 & 86234 keep company at Long Marston on September 12th 2010. Virgin livered 86226 was formerly named 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh'. A product of Vulcan Foundry, the loco entered service in August 1965 numbered E3162. 86226 has since been removed from Long Marston for scrapping at European Metal Recycling at Kingsbury.
Europhoenix 86247 & DVT 82106 at Long Marston.2 viewsFormer Virgin Trains Mark 3 Driving Van Trailer, 82106, keeps company with former Class 86, 86247 in Europhoenix Livery, at Long Marston on the 12th September 2010. Formerly E3192, the loco entered service in December 1965 having been constructed at Vulcan Foundry.

Network Rail Class 86, 86901 at Farington Curve Jct.1 viewsBeing dragged Northbound by DRS 47712, Network Rail, 86901-'Chief Engineer' passes Farington Curve Junction back its old WCML stamping ground on the 18th October 2010. The loco was formerly numbered 86253, named 'The 'Manchester Guardian'.
It was a product of Doncaster Works in December 1965, then numbered E3136.
Class 87, 87022 at Crewe.3 viewsIn original livery, 87022-'Cock of the North' stands at Crewe on the 4th July 1987 with a service from Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston. New in April 1974, the loco saw 30 years WCML front line service, before export for pastures new in Bulgaria.
Class 86, 86102 at Leyland.4 viewsWith loco & stock in InterCity livery, Class 86, 86102-'Robert A Riddles' passes Leyland Station travelling on the Up Fast with a Blackpool North to London Euston Service on the 17th June 1987. 86102 was a product of Vulcan Foundry in April 1966, numbered E3150. The locomotive was scrapped in 2005.

Class 87 87023 at Glasgow Central.2 viewsAn unnamed Class 87, 87023 stands at Glasgow Central with a train for London Euston on the 23rd July 1984. This everyday scene with these 5,000 hp electric locomotives, repeated daily for nearly 30 years is now part of the history of express services on this famous Anglo-Scottish Route.
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