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47627 -'City of Oxford' at Midge Hall.5 viewsIts 8am on May 5th 1991 as the driver & secondman discuss the next move, whilst 47627 -'City of Oxford' stands at Midge Hall. Sunday engineering work on the Preston to Ormskirk line, including the recovery of redundant track materials, had seen 47226 leave Preston with 8L64 consisting of two 'Chub' wagons, a 'Sealion' ballast hopper and a 'Sturgeon' flat wagon. 47226 failed on the outward run, and 47627 was summoned from Preston to rescue the stranded train.
25142 - Last Train from Courtaulds Ribbleton.6 viewsClass 25, 25142 slowly draws the last train of empty 16 Ton Mineral Wagons on to the remains of the former Preston to Longridge Line, on the 12th February 1980. This was the last train to work along the section of line from Ribbleton to Deepdale. The class 25 has a backdrop of open fields - this area is now redeveloped with an M6 Motorway link road and an industrial estate.
Regional Railways 31465 at Leyland.6 viewsWith locomotive and rolling stock in matching Regional Railways Livery, 31465 calls at Leyland with the 5-Coach 19.10 Blackpool North to Liverpool Lime Street Service on the 5th July 1994.
70000-'Britannia' & 86254 at Farington Junction.5 viewsFor a brief period in the early 1990s the Southbound Cumbrian Mountain Expresses changed locomotives at Farington Junction, the steam locos coming off, being replaced by an AC electric for the run back along the WCML to Crewe and Euston. The loco change utilised the pair of sidings laid down during electrification in 1973 for the numerous freights to & from the S&C, when the change from diesel to electric traction was necessary. On 7th September 1991, 70000 hands over to 86254-'William Webb Ellis'.

Fisons Weedkilling Train at Lostock Hall Depot.4 viewsIn the yard of the former Lostock Hall Depot, the Fisons Weedkilling Train was stabled between duties on May 18th 1978. The spray coach, FA99900 was former Gloucester RC&W DMU car E56315, Built in 1958.
Maudland Temporary Station - Last Train.4 viewsThe temporary station at Maudland sees its last service train on the very early morning of Monday March 11th 1991. 142046 has just arrived from Blackpool North, its onward passengers having transferred to the connecting coach just visible above the wall on the left, for the short run to Preston Station. The station was provided here for use on the 9/10/11th March 1991, due to the running lines north of Preston being severed due to the installation of a new underbridge for the Penwortham by-pass extension.
Class 40 40082 passes Hoghton.4 views40082 slogs upgrade at Hoghton with an eastbound mixed freight on May 11th 1981. The visible wagons in the consist include a Ventilated Van, a Tube Wagon, loaded 21 Ton HTA Coal Hoppers, a Plate Wagon and some Vanfits with sliding doors.
Arriva 175110 departs from Chorley.7 viewsIn unbranded Arriva Trains Wales vinyls, 3-car Class 175, 175110 departs from Chorley with the 07.32 Manchester Airport to Windermere Service on the 17th June 2006.

Sentinel Diesel - Courtaulds Ribbleton.5 viewsAfter the last train of empty 16 Ton Coal Wagons had been worked to the exchange sidings on the former Longridge Branch on the 12th February 1980, the Courtaulds resident diesel shunter worked back to an empty yard. This had been its home for 12 years, it was supplied new in 1968, and was a sister loco to the three Sentinels supplied to Preston Docks in the same year, all four locos having sequential works numbers. In the distance can been seen the wagon tippler for supplying coal to the works boiler house.
Class 56 56085 at Strand Road.5 viewsRedeployed during the Miners Strike of 1984, Class 56, 56085 was on the Lindsey to Preston Docks, Petroleum & Tar working on July 25th 1984. The return working with the empties is stood alongside Strand Road on tracks now lifted. The whole former dock area was undergoing redevelopment. In the far right background is the now demolished British Aerospace plant on Strand Road. To the left of the 56 is the preparatory work for re-routing the railway access to the dock estate.
40133 passes Hoghton.4 views40133 slogs upgrade at Hoghton on June 4th 1982 with a train consist of one 16 Ton Mineral Wagon and a rake of 21 Ton Coal Hoppers divided by a Bogie Bolster. The rear of the train is passing through the site of Hoghton Station closed in way back in 1960. This particular view is now no longer possible due to tree-growth and buildings in the foreground and on either side of the railway beyond the level crossing. The loco was new from Vulcan Foundry in February 1961 as D333, and was withdrawn in January 1984.
Last Train - Courtaulds Ribbleton/Longridge Branch.3 viewsAs the shunter walks towards the brake van, 140 years of railway activity on the former Longridge Branch beyond Deepdale, comes to a close on Friday February 12th 1980 as the last ever train of empty 16 Ton Mineral Wagons has left the Courtaulds Exchange Sidings at Ribbleton behind Class 25 25140. Having moved out onto the former Longridge Branch, the train paused briefly before continuing on its way back to Preston and onto Wigan. There is now no trace of the railway here.
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