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150270 at Altrincham.št. ogledov:0Class 150/2, 150270, approaches Altrincham with a service from Manchester Piccadilly to Chester, on May 1st 2011. The electrified tracks to left of the unit, are used by the Manchester Metrolink trams, running over the former heavy rail line from Manchester since conversion in 1992. The overhead line for the trams is energised at 750v DC.
Class 150, 150002 at Stourbridge Junction.št. ogledov:0Originally one of the two, 3-Car Class 150 demonstrator units built by BREL in 1984, 150002 stands awaiting departure from Stourbridge Junction on the 28th August 2011, with the 12.23 service to Dorridge.
150209 calls at Salwick.št. ogledov:5150209 calls at Salwick with a Manchester Victoria to Blackpool North service on June 14th 1988. Although the station buildings had been demolished, the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway iron canopy remained, looking rather forlorn and with the supports still in maroon & cream. The undergrowth in the foreground was once the neat station garden that in happier days even included a wishing well! The canopy was eventually destroyed in the name of progress and replaced by a small shelter.
158756 on Farington Curve.št. ogledov:0158756 rounds Farington Curve whilst working the 17.14 Blackpool North to York on June 1st 2013.

485042 at Ryde Esplanade.št. ogledov:1A Shanklin to Ryde Pier Head service arrives at a busy Ryde Esplanade on July 19th 1989. There has been some shunting of the vintage stock, the leading driving car is number 4, tagged solo onto the front of set 485043. 1989 was the last year when the vintage sets held sway on Island Line. Originally built by MCW in 1934, Car 4 was withdrawn from service on September 25th 1989 and crossed the Solent three days later on a one-way trip to Vic Berrys scrapyard at Leicester. The car was scrapped in October 1990.
483006 arrives at Shanklin.št. ogledov:1Another journey ends for 483006 as it approaches Shanklin with the 14.07 departure from Ryde Pier Head on June 28th 2014.
Cravens Class 105 at Rufford.št. ogledov:3The single line token exchange is about to take place, As a Cravens Class 105 Power-Twin formed of cars M50765 & M50804, arrives at Rufford with the 16.39 Preston to Ormskirk service on April 28th 1979. The Ormskirk services were normally in the hands of Derby built Class 108s and the appearance of a Cravens unit was not common.
24-'Calbourne' arrives at Haven Street.št. ogledov:024-'Calbourne' runs bunker first into Haven Street with the 15.07 Wootton to Smallbrook Junction on July 9th 2015. With the Isle of Wight Steam Railway running a two-train (Red Timetable service), the 02 was in charge of a rake of vintage 4-Wheel coaches.

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Merseyrail Electric - New Book - Out Now!št. ogledov:0Published by Fonthill Media, ISBN Number 978-1-78155-513-2.
96 Pages with detailed introduction, colour illustrations throughout, includes a route map and fleet list.
Features Class 502's, 503's and the 507/508 fleet in various liveries. Includes some of the Class 73's and other locos that have worked on the system.
VTEC 91128 (Xmas) at York.št. ogledov:0Complete with its festive vinyls, Virgin Trains East Coast 91128 stands at York with the 11.00 London Kings Cross to Edinburgh on December 12th 2015.13.12.2015
EPS 37601 - Folkestone Harbour.št. ogledov:0As the tide begins to come in, 37601 sits on the viaduct at Folkestone Harbour with the Pathfinder Tours 'Atomic Harbourmaster' railtour on October 20th 2007. Out of sight at the other end of the train was fellow EPS class 37, 37603. This was one of the last diesel hauled trains to traverse this line. The itinerary on that day included a trip along the Dungeness Branch. It was a long day - an 06.15 start from Crewe on Saturday morning and only getting back to Crewe at 01.24 on Sunday morning!10.12.2015
37013 at Farington Curve Junction.št. ogledov:037013 trundles along the Up Slow as it approaches Farington Curve Junction whilst working the Saturday only Blackpool North to Sheffield formed of Mark 1 stock on August 13th 1983. This was a time-honoured Summer service that ran out and back on a Saturday running via East Lancashire and Copy Pit.

08954 at Plymouth.št. ogledov:2With the roof tops of Plymouth as a backdrop, 08954 was shunting parcel and mail vans at Plymouth station on July 26th 1980. This was a time-honoured scene at all major stations - now sadly consigned to history. The 08 was new from Darington Works in October 1962 numbered D4184, its first home was at Ebbw Junction (86A) and it was tranferred to Laira (84A) in May 1971.07.11.2015
47033 arrives at Dawlish.št. ogledov:147033 and its 6-coach train of Mark 1 coaches has emerged from Kennaway Tunnel and is running alongside a busy looking Marine Parade, as it arrives at Dawlish whilst working a Paignton to Exeter St Davids local stopping service on April 8th 1980.07.11.2015
66182 at Clitheroe.št. ogledov:066182 propells the empty PCA cement wagons from Avonmouth into the Cement Works at Clitheroe on October 24th 2015. On the right is one of the ex Shotton Steel Works diesel shunters (GECT 5396/1975) one of a similar pair that are used in the works here.05.11.2015
66182 at Pimlico (Cement Works Branch)št. ogledov:066182 has uncoupled from the empty PCAs on the Cement Works branch at Clitheroe ready to run round the wagons before propelling the train into the works on October 24th 2015.05.11.2015

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