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142091 at Cartmell Lane.0 viewsHaving called at Moss-Side, 142091, approaches the bridge over Cartmell Lane with the 13.50 Colne to Blackpool South Service, on the 26th February 2011.
150148 at Farington Curve Junction.0 viewsThe Grand National Race Meeting, held at Aintree Racecourse, saw the Preston to Ormskirk Services strengthed by class 150, in lieu of the normal class 153 single unit. 150148 has just joined the branch at Farington Curve Junction, with the 08.41 Preston to Ormskirk on Saturday 9th April 2011.
153363 at Barton Lane Crossing.0 viewsHaving made the call at the rural Thornton Abbey, 153363 has justed passed over Barton Lane Level Crossing on its way, with the 13.00 Cleethorpes to Barton on Humber service on April 30th 2011.
33107 on the Weymouth Harbour Tramway.1 viewsThe Reliant Regal 3-Wheeler sticks close to the kerb, as 33107 runs slowly down the middle of Commercial Road, flanked by car parks, with a Channel Islands Boat Train from London Waterloo on the 30th May 1986. Such civilised methods of going on holiday have now ceased, the last train to use the tramway was in 1999. There was always something fascinating about this line - the sight of a main line train in the middle of a main road with any stray traffic keeping well out of the way!

Class 114 E56043 arrives at New Holland Town.1 viewsA refurbished Class 114 DMU formed of cars E56043 & E50001 arrives at New Holland Town with a service from Cleethorpes to New Holland Pier on September 28th 1980. There is much of interest in this view, including a pair of lower quadrant signals, the north to west curve towards Barton-On-Humber, Barrow Road Signal box and the level crossing giving vehicular access to the Pier and the ferry service across the Humber to Hull.
ATW 175108 at Llandudno.0 views175108 stands at Llandudno with the 14.42 departure to Manchester Piccadilly on November 29th 2014.
Cravens Class 105 M50804, Cocker Bar - Ormskirk Line.1 viewsEvening light at Cocker Bar on the approach to Midge Hall, as a Cravens Power-Twin formed of cars M50804/M50758 powers along with the 18.49 Ormskirk to Preston service on May 12th 1981. The former double track formation along this former main line is clearly visible in this view.
TPE 185108 at Staveley (Windermere Branch).0 views185108 runs between Staveley and Burneside with 2C09, the 11.47 Windermere to Oxenholme service on May 23rd 2015. The unit still carries its special decals for the Liverpool '08 Capital of Culture celebrations.

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EPS 37601 - Folkestone Harbour.0 viewsAs the tide begins to come in, 37601 sits on the viaduct at Folkestone Harbour with the Pathfinder Tours 'Atomic Harbourmaster' railtour on October 20th 2007. Out of sight at the other end of the train was fellow EPS class 37, 37603. This was one of the last diesel hauled trains to traverse this line. The itinerary on that day included a trip along the Dungeness Branch. It was a long day - an 06.15 start from Crewe on Saturday morning and only getting back to Crewe at 01.24 on Sunday morning!Dec 10, 2015
Goxhill Level Crossing and Signalbox.1 viewsTwilight on October 17th 2015.Nov 05, 2015
153304 departs from Goxhill.1 viewsAs 153304 disappears into the gloom with the 17.55 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes, the timber level crossing gates swing open to let the waiting traffic pass through. October 17th 2015.Nov 05, 2015
Goxhill Level Crossing.1 viewsTwilight on an October evening at Goxhill, as headlights illuminate the timber level crossing gates closed across Howe Lane on October 17th 2015.Nov 05, 2015

153304 at Barton Lane Crossing.1 viewsWith the new lights installed for the replacement crossing, 153304 passes over Barton Lane level crossing whilst working the 09.52 Barton-On-Humber Northern Rail service on October 17th 2015. The crossing gates here are due to be replaced with barriers by the end of 2015.Nov 05, 2015
153330 departs from New Holland.0 viewsHaving called at New Holland, 153330 gets underway with the 11.02 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes service on Sunday 6th September 2015.Nov 01, 2015
153330 at Barrow Road Crossing, New Holland.0 viewsAmidst the industrial backdrop of New Holland, 153330 passes over Barrow Road Level Crossing with the Sunday 11.02 Barton-On-Humber to Cleethorpes service on September 6th 2015.Nov 01, 2015
153330 at Goxhill.0 views153330 awaits departure from Goxhill with the Sunday 09.58 Cleethorpes to Barton-On-Humber Northern Rail service on September 6th 2015.Nov 01, 2015

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