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144005 departs from York.5 viewsA well filled Class 144, 144005, departs from a snowy York with the 14.11 service to Burley Park, via Harrogate on the 12th December 2010.
158794 & 144006 at Leeds.1 views158794 & 144006 arrive at Leeds, ECS from Neville Hill Depot on the 19th March 2011.
158792 at Broomfleet.1 viewsTravelling at speed, 158792 sweeps through Broomfleet Station with the 13.28 Scarborough to Sheffield service on April 30th 2011.
180103 at Farington Junction.1 viewsEvening shadows lengthen, as 180103 brings the 19.28 Manchester Victoria to Blackpool North service past the Leyland Trucks Factory at Farington Junction, on the 6th June 2011.

150143 at Cartmell Lane Moss-Side.0 viewsClass 150/1, 150143 passes Cartmell Lane as it prepares to call at Moss-Side Station with the 11.44 Blackpool South to Colne Service on the 7th January 2012.
Ex West Midlands Class 150, 150111 at Lostock Hall.0 viewsStill carrying the bright West Midlands livery, Class 150, 150111 departs from Lostock Hall with the 09.16 Colne to Preston on the 19th February 2012.
150207 arrives at St Helens Central.0 views150207 arrives at St Helens Central with the 11.36 Liverpool South Parkway to Blackpool North service on April 18th 2014. The tracks to the left are the disused route of the one-time Runcorn Gap Railway, currently the tracks have a pallasade fence across them under the span that takes Parr Street over the line.
Class 150/1 150139 at Lostock Hall.0 viewsA tidy-looking 150139 prepares to call at Lostock Hall with the 13.23 Colne to Blackpool South on March 22nd 2015.

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142032 departs from Lostock Hall.0 views142032 heads into a rapidly setting sun as it departs from Lostock Hall with the 17.23 Colne to Blackpool South on October 2nd 2015. This low angle for the light at this location is only available a few days each year towards the end of September/early October.Nov 05, 2015
142037 arrives at Lostock Hall.0 views142037 prepares to call at Lostock Hall whilst working the 17.20 Blackpool South to Colne on October 2nd 2015.Nov 05, 2015
142032 at Lostock Hall Station.0 viewsThe setting sun shines through the bridge at Watkin Lane as 142032 stands at Lostock Hall whilst working the 17.23 Blackpool South to Colne on October 1st 2015.Nov 05, 2015
158790 at Lostock Hall Junction.0 views158790 catches the low evening light as it clatters through Lostock Hall Junction whilst working the 15.18 York to Blackpool North service on September 30th 2015.Nov 05, 2015

150276 & ECS at Lostock Hall Junction.0 viewsThe lead unit in this view, 150276 is forming the 08.20 Preston to Colne passing Lostock Hall Junction on September 27th 2015. The other units coupled behind the 150 are running ECS to form the various services in East Lancashire and the Ribble Valley.Nov 05, 2015
144002 departs from Barnetby.0 views144002 departs from Barnetby with the 16.01 Sheffield to Cleethorpes (via Brigg) on September 5th 2015.Nov 01, 2015
142090 at Adwick.1 views142090 awaits departure from Adwick with the 15.15 to Doncaster on August 15th 2015.Nov 01, 2015
158849 departs from Doncaster.0 viewsIn its bright Tour de France livery, 158849 departs from Doncaster with the 07.12 Bridlington to Sheffield Northern Rail service on August 15th 2015.Nov 01, 2015

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