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483004 at Lake.0 views483004 is into the last lap of its journey with the 15.07 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin Service on the 2nd July 2011. Having called at Lake the train is about to pass under the A3055 Skew Bridge. In the background can be seen the Footcrossing at Lake Clifftop Gardens.
483004 at Lake.0 views483004 has just departed from Lake and is approaching the Footcrossing at Lake Clifftop Gardens whilst working the 15.49 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin service on the 11th July 2012.
483008 arrives at Ryde St Johns Road.0 viewsIn glorious evening light, 483008 approaches Ryde St Johns Road whilst working the 18.07 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin on July 15th 2012. Visible to the right of the unit is the former Down Loop, now a just a siding. There is a plan for the Steam Railway services to be extended from Smallbrook Junction to St Johns Road, if ever implemented, the loop would be reinstated and the electric services would have exclusive use of this and the current Southbound Down Line.
483009 departs from Ryde St Johns Rd.1 views483009 & 483006 both in Dinosaur livery, depart from Ryde St Johns Road with the 15.23 Shanklin to Ryde Pier Head on July 14th 2002. In the former down loop is hybrid 'spare' cars 001/003 still in faded Network South East Livery. Due to their deteriorating condition and being visible from passing trains as well as the new houses in Jubilee Place, the cars had been sheeted over. The two cars were subsequently scrapped in 2006.

483006 departs from Ryde Esplanade.0 views483006 departs from Ryde Esplanade with the 07.49 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin on June 26th 2013. The disused former Down Line is on the right. In the adjacent Bus Station, a Southern Vectis Dennis Dart, HW54 BUO, gets ready to depart with a service to East Cowes.
38-'Ajax' departs from Haven Street.1 views38-'Ajax' gets the 15.44 Smallbrook Junction to Wootton away from Haven Street on July 9th 2014. The opening of the new Train Story building at Haven Street has opened up several new photographic locations that were previously off-limits.
483006 at Sandown.0 viewsHaving come off the single line from Smallbrook Junction and entered the passing loop, 483006 brings the 17.07 from Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin into Sandown on July 3rd 2015.
483009 (229) & 483002 (225) at Ryde St Johns Road Depot.0 views483009 and 483002 stand on No.1 & No.2 roads at Ryde St Johns Road Depot on July 6th 2015. 483009 was the last passenger carrying member of the fleet to be delivered in 1992. (483010 also followed but this unit was a pair of stripped bodyshells, now subsequently scrapped).

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483004 arrives at Shanklin.0 viewsHaving travelled the 8.5 miles from Ryde Pier Head, 483004 arrives at Shanklin whilst working the 15.49 from the Pier Head on July 10th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
483006 approaches Shanklin.0 views483006 approaches journeys end as it runs into Shanklin with the 16.07 from Ryde Pier Head on July 10th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
483006 at Shanklin.0 views483006 stands in the sun at Shanklin awaiting departure with the 15.38 to Ryde Pier Head on July 10th 2015. Once a passing place on the way to Ventnor until the line southwards from Shanklin was closed in April 1966, the disused former Up platform is visible on the left of this scene.Jul 22, 2015
483004 at Shanklin.0 viewsThe end-of-the-line at Shanklin as 483004 awaits departure with the 15.18 to Ryde Pier Head on July 10th 2015.Jul 22, 2015

483004 - Heath Road Subway, Lake Station.0 views483004 passes over the subway that connects Heath Road and Araluen Way, as it departs from Lake Station with the 18.18 Shanklin to Ryde Pier Head on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
BR Class 03 D2059 arrives at Haven Street.0 viewsD2059 rolls downgrade into Haven Street whilst working the last train of the day (16.19 Departure) from Smallbrook Junction to Wootton on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
D2059 at Haven Street.0 viewsAt a quiet looking Haven Street, BR Class 03 D2059 stands with the 15.40 Wootton to Smallbrook Junction on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
D2059 departs from Haven Street.0 viewsD2059 climbs away from Haven Street whilst working the 14.38 Smallbrook Junction to Wootton Heritage Diesel Service on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015

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