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483006 departs from Sandown.4 views483006 runs over a carpet of green as it departs from Sandown with the 15.50 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin service on the 12th July 2010.
483004 at Brading.1 views483004 approaches Jones Footcrossing on the north side of Brading Station, as it prepares to call with the 16.49 service from Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin on the 3rd July 2011.
483004 at Ryde St Johns Road.0 views483004 departs from Ryde St Johns Road on the 4th July 2011 with the 08.49 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin service. The unit is passing the Up Starter Home Signal, complete with feathered finial!
483007 at Brading Station.0 viewsViewed from the restored footbridge, 483007 awaits custom as it heads south with the 10.07 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin Service on July 4th 2011. There are plans afoot to re-instate a crossing loop at Brading, which will permit an equal balanced 30 minute service, instead of the current 20/40 minute frequency.

Terrier No.8-'Freshwater' at Haven Street.0 viewsWith a train of four wheeled coaches in tow, Terrier 0-6-0T, Number 8-'Freshwater' arrives at Haven Street with the 14.38 Smallbrook Junction to Wootton service on the 13th July 2011.
483007 arrives at Ryde St Johns Road.0 views483007 arrives at Ryde St Johns Road with the 18.07 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin on June 26th 2013. To the right is the former Down Loop, converted to a siding when the line was electrified in 1967.
483006 (126) at Ryde Depot.0 viewsCar 126 of set 483006 stands on number 1 road at Ryde Depot on July 5th 2013. The building to the left is part of the original Isle of Wight Railway engine shed dating from 1864 when the line opened to Shanklin. The former LT identity of 126 was 10297. 483006 was delivered to the Island following refurbishment at Eastleigh Works, on June 20th 1990.
483006 at Shanklin.2 viewsThe end of the line at Shanklin on June 28th 2014. Having arrived with the 14.07 from Ryde Pier Head, 483006 awaits departure with the return working, due to depart at 14.38. The units now stop well short of the stop block here. The route beyond Shanklin, closed in folly in April 1966 is now unlikely to reopen. Whilst the bridge across Languard Road (beyond the stop block) would be easy to replace, the trackbed is now incorporated into an access road for a holiday park complex.

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483004 arrives at Shanklin.0 viewsHaving travelled the 8.5 miles from Ryde Pier Head, 483004 arrives at Shanklin whilst working the 15.49 from the Pier Head on July 10th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
483006 approaches Shanklin.0 views483006 approaches journeys end as it runs into Shanklin with the 16.07 from Ryde Pier Head on July 10th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
483006 at Shanklin.0 views483006 stands in the sun at Shanklin awaiting departure with the 15.38 to Ryde Pier Head on July 10th 2015. Once a passing place on the way to Ventnor until the line southwards from Shanklin was closed in April 1966, the disused former Up platform is visible on the left of this scene.Jul 22, 2015
483004 at Shanklin.0 viewsThe end-of-the-line at Shanklin as 483004 awaits departure with the 15.18 to Ryde Pier Head on July 10th 2015.Jul 22, 2015

483004 - Heath Road Subway, Lake Station.0 views483004 passes over the subway that connects Heath Road and Araluen Way, as it departs from Lake Station with the 18.18 Shanklin to Ryde Pier Head on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
BR Class 03 D2059 arrives at Haven Street.0 viewsD2059 rolls downgrade into Haven Street whilst working the last train of the day (16.19 Departure) from Smallbrook Junction to Wootton on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
D2059 at Haven Street.0 viewsAt a quiet looking Haven Street, BR Class 03 D2059 stands with the 15.40 Wootton to Smallbrook Junction on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
D2059 departs from Haven Street.0 viewsD2059 climbs away from Haven Street whilst working the 14.38 Smallbrook Junction to Wootton Heritage Diesel Service on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015

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