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483008 departs from Brading.3 views483008 accelerates northbound away from Brading Station, and is about to pass over Jones Footpath Crossing, close to the site of the junction where the two and a quarter mile branch line turned away towards Bembridge, closed in September 1953. 14/7/10.
483004 at Ryde Pier Head.1 viewsIsland Line, 483004 starts out from Ryde Pier Head with the 17.07 service to Shanklin on the 29th June 2011.
Whitwell Station Bridge.2 viewsThis is the scene in Nettlecombe Lane, Whitwell, where the Ventnor West Branch crossed over the lane on a plate girder bridge. The two brick abutments now stand open to the sky, as the former Railway Hotel on the left looks on. This very scenic line closed in September 1952. Most of the trackbed has disappeared back into the land from which it was formed.
485043 on Ryde Pier.1 viewsSet 485043 draws away from Ryde Pier Head and rumbles along the 800 yard pier on a service to Shanklin on the 17th July 1989. Between the abandoned tramway and the front of the unit can be seen the site of Ryde Pier Head Signalbox, closed in 1974, once a hive of activity - especially on summer Saturdays in steam days.

483004 at Lake.0 views483004 has just departed from Lake and is approaching the Footcrossing at Lake Clifftop Gardens whilst working the 15.49 Ryde Pier Head to Shanklin service on the 11th July 2012.
483002 at Ryde Depot.0 views483002 the 'spare unit' stands in the evening sunlight in the yard at Ryde Depot on July 5th 2013. Close examination reveals a numberless unit, stripped internally and stained externally. Formed of former LT 1938 DMs 10221 & 11221, following refurbishment at Eastleigh, 483002 arrived on the Island on September 26th 1989, entering passenger service on October 7th 1989.
483006 at Shanklin.1 viewsThe end of the line at Shanklin on June 28th 2014. Having arrived with the 14.07 from Ryde Pier Head, 483006 awaits departure with the return working, due to depart at 14.38. The units now stop well short of the stop block here. The route beyond Shanklin, closed in folly in April 1966 is now unlikely to reopen. Whilst the bridge across Languard Road (beyond the stop block) would be easy to replace, the trackbed is now incorporated into an access road for a holiday park complex.
483009 at Ryde Esplanade.1 views483009 leaves terra-firma having called at Ryde Esplanade with the 16.18 Shanklin to Ryde Pier Head on July 6th 2014, rumbling onto the pier to connect with the Wightlink catamaran service to Portsmouth Harbour.

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483004 arrives at Shanklin.0 viewsHaving travelled the 8.5 miles from Ryde Pier Head, 483004 arrives at Shanklin whilst working the 15.49 from the Pier Head on July 10th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
483006 approaches Shanklin.0 views483006 approaches journeys end as it runs into Shanklin with the 16.07 from Ryde Pier Head on July 10th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
483006 at Shanklin.0 views483006 stands in the sun at Shanklin awaiting departure with the 15.38 to Ryde Pier Head on July 10th 2015. Once a passing place on the way to Ventnor until the line southwards from Shanklin was closed in April 1966, the disused former Up platform is visible on the left of this scene.Jul 22, 2015
483004 at Shanklin.0 viewsThe end-of-the-line at Shanklin as 483004 awaits departure with the 15.18 to Ryde Pier Head on July 10th 2015.Jul 22, 2015

483004 - Heath Road Subway, Lake Station.0 views483004 passes over the subway that connects Heath Road and Araluen Way, as it departs from Lake Station with the 18.18 Shanklin to Ryde Pier Head on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
BR Class 03 D2059 arrives at Haven Street.0 viewsD2059 rolls downgrade into Haven Street whilst working the last train of the day (16.19 Departure) from Smallbrook Junction to Wootton on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
D2059 at Haven Street.0 viewsAt a quiet looking Haven Street, BR Class 03 D2059 stands with the 15.40 Wootton to Smallbrook Junction on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015
D2059 departs from Haven Street.0 viewsD2059 climbs away from Haven Street whilst working the 14.38 Smallbrook Junction to Wootton Heritage Diesel Service on July 9th 2015.Jul 22, 2015

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