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Class 503, M29145M at Allerton.9 viewsPresumably at Allerton Depot for a visit to the wheel lathe, a Class 503 3-car set with driving trailer M29145M at the rear was an usual visitor to the depot in April 1984.
Class 502, M28347M at Sandills.11 viewsClass 502, M28347M in blue & grey livery brings up the rear of a Garston to Kirkby Service at Sandhills on a cold afternoon in January 1979.
508114 at Town Green.0 viewsAn unusually grimy Class 508, 508114 calls at Town Green with a Liverpool Central to Ormskirk service on December 15th 2012.
508131 departs from Aigburth.2 viewsLate afternoon shadows at Aigburth as 508131 departs with a service from Southport to Hunts Cross on May 25th 2013.

507028 at Portland Street Level Crossing, Southport.0 viewsHaving just passed over Portland Street level crossing and with Eastbank Street bridge in the background, 507028 slows on the approach to Southport station with a service from Hunts Cross on February 2nd 2014.
Network Rail Class 73/1, 73138 at Southport.0 views73138 stands in platform 1 at Southport station having arrived a few minutes early with 3Q02 that started out from Crewe at 21.56 the previous evening. The Network Rail test train visited various Merseyrail Northern Line locations overnight when the network was devoid of service trains. As well as Southport, Kirkby, Hunts Cross and Ormskirk were also visited. At the opposite end of the train was class 73 73201 -'Broadlands' in BR rail blue livery.
Hoylake Station - Merseyrail Wirral Line.0 viewsHoylake station was rebuilt by the LMS in 1938 when the line from Birkenhead was electrified. It was constructed in the art-deco style in brick and ferro-concrete and is now a grade II listed building.
508110 arrives at Hoylake.0 viewsWith the houses on Drummond Road as a backdrop, 508110 approaches Hoylake with a West Kirby to Liverpool Central service on April 19th 2014.

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Merseyrail Electric - New Book - Out Now!0 viewsPublished by Fonthill Media, ISBN Number 978-1-78155-513-2.
96 Pages with detailed introduction, colour illustrations throughout, includes a route map and fleet list.
Features Class 502's, 503's and the 507/508 fleet in various liveries. Includes some of the Class 73's and other locos that have worked on the system.
May 08, 2016
507001 departs from Hooton.2 views507001 accelerates a Chester to Liverpool Central to Chester service away from Hooton on April 26th 2014. The pioneer Class 507, 507001 was built at the now-closed BREL York in 1978.Apr 28, 2014
507030 approaches Hooton.0 views507030 approaches Hooton with a Liverpool Central to Chester service on April 26th 2014.Apr 28, 2014
508103 departs from Hooton.0 viewsHaving called at Hooton, 508103 accelerates away from Hooton with an Ellesmere Port to Liverpool Central service on April 26th 2014. The next call will be at Eastham Rake.Apr 28, 2014

508110 arrives at Hooton.0 viewsAs very heavy rain looms over Liverpool in the distance, 508110 approaches Hooton with a Liverpool Central to Ellesmere Port service on April 26th 2014.Apr 28, 2014
507026 & 507030 at Hooton.0 views507026 awaits departure from Hooton with a service to Chester, whilst 507030 gets underway with an Ellesmere Port to Liverpool Central service on April 26th 2014. Merseytravel has invested in modernising the facilities here, but the original station building has been retained. Apr 28, 2014
507026 arrives at Hooton.0 views507026 prepares to call at Hooton with a Liverpool Central to Chester service on April 26th 2014. This was once a four track LMS/GWR joint line from Liverpool/Birkenhead to Chester. To the right of the electrified lines, a portion of the old main line has been retained for run-round purposes for loco-hauled trains. In recent years Hooton has been a start point for excursion trains, being served with frequent electric services, but also equipped with a large park & ride parking area.Apr 28, 2014
507014 departs from Rock Ferry.0 viewsHaving called at Rock Ferry, 507014 gets underway with a Liverpool Central to Elllesmere Port service on April 26th 2014. The track on the left is the mothballed connection to the former MD&HB system on Birkenhead Docks. The track north of Rock Ferry is heavily overgrown. It is hard to imagine now how busy this LMS/GWR joint line must have been in the past, with freight to and from the docks, plus passenger services from the terminus at Birkenhead Woodside that once had through workings to London PaddingtonApr 28, 2014

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