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Virgin HST 43158 arrives at Chester.0 viewsVirgin Trains HST with Power Car 43158 leading, arrives at Chester with the 13.38 Holyhead to London Euston service on April 29th 2000.
Fragonset 31602 at Weeton.0 viewsHarvest time at Weeton, as Fragonset Class 31, 31602 -'Chimaera' catches the evening light as it leads the 17.06 First North Western, Manchester Victoria to Blackpool North service on September 8th 2004. The four mark 2 coaches were used in top & tail mode with 31459 at the rear.
Corus Class 60, 60033 at Crewe.0 viewsIn Corus livery, 60033 -'Tees Steel Express' brings a train of loaded Seacow Ballast Hoppers from Basford Hall Yard, into Crewe Station on July 31st 2004. At the time the South end of Crewe Station was still graced by the former London & North Western Railway platform canopies.
60033 was placed in storage in 2007 and remains at Toton Depot.
Coradia Class 175, 175115 at Blackpool North.1 views175115 shares a platform with 175108 at Blackpool North on May 29th 2004. The North Western branding had been blanked out on the First Group 'Barbie' livery, as by this date the units were also being used by Wales & Borders, drawn from a common pool at Chester Depot, home to the Coradia Fleet.

Res 47, 47732 at Chester.0 viewsIn well-worn Rail Express Systems livery, 47732 -'Restormel' drifts round the side of Chester Station with an ecs working on March 24th 2004. The loco was heading for the triangle of lines west of the station in order to reverse, ready to form the 17.19 Manchester Piccadilly to Holyhead First North Western service.
GNER Class 08, 08892 at Doncaster Works.1 viewsIn GNER livery, Wabtec Class 08 08892 was stabled in the yard at Doncaster Works on July 27th 2003. The loco was originally built at Horwich Works, entering service on the Western Region at Swindon numbered D4122 in March 1962.
NSE Class 101 L840 arrives at Blackpool North.1 viewsIn Network South East livery, Class 101 Set Number L840, formed of cars 53311 & 53322 arrives at Blackpool North with a well-loaded 09.45 First North Western service from Manchester Piccadilly on May 31st 1997.
Fragonset 47715 at Doncaster Works.1 viewsClassic traction on display at Doncaster Works open day on July 27th 2003. Fragonset Class 47, 47715 keeps company with 31106 and in the background is Cotswold Rail liveried Class 47, 47316. Fragonset was formed in 1997 and became FM Rail in 2004, the company went out of business in 2006. Cotswold Rail was formed in 2000, but ceased trading in 2009.

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EWS 47760-'Ribblehead Viaduct' arrives at Hellifield.0 viewsIn immaculate condition, EWS Class 47 47760 -'Ribblehead Viaduct' catches the evening light as it arrives at Hellifield with a Carlisle to Leeds charter on April 10th 1999. The loco had been named earlier in the day at Ribblehead Station. 47760 was new from Crewe Works in September 1964 numbered D1617. The loco is still active on the main line with West Coast at Carnforth.Dec 02, 2013
Virgin Class 57/3, 57301-'Scott Tracy' passing Hellifield.0 viewsPrior to being fitted with a Dellner Coupling, Virgin Trains Class 57/3, 57301-'Scott Tracy' shows a clean face as it brings the diverted 10.05 London Euston to Glasgow Central service past Hellifield on March 23rd 2003. 57301 was formerly class 47, 47845.
Oct 27, 2013
Midland Mainline HSTs at Chesterfield.0 viewsMidland Mainline HST Power Cars pass at Chesterfield on September 30th 2000, as 43055 brings up the rear of the 12.30 London St Pancras to Sheffield service, 43052 accelerates away with the 14.24 Sheffield to St Pancras. Both power cars carry the smart Midland Mainline livery that when kept clean made these then 25 year old HSTs look like new stock.Feb 26, 2013
EWS 66097 at Blackpool North.0 views66097 stands amidst the semaphores at Blackpool North on May 29th 2004, awaiting departure with a return private charter to Edinburgh formed of Mark I stock. The scene here will be transformed with the forthcoming electrification.Dec 10, 2012

323231 at Manchester Oxford Road.0 viewsIn First North Western livery, 323231 arrives at Manchester Oxford Road with a Deansgate to Manchester Airport service on September 24th 2004. 43 of these 3-Car sets were constructed by Hunslet of Leeds in 1992/93, 17 sets for use around Manchester and the remaining 26 sets for the West Midlands.Dec 09, 2012
Fragonset 31459 at Chester.0 viewsFragonset Class 31, 31459 -'Cerberus' stands between duties at Chester on March 24th 2004. The loco was top & tail with four Mk2 coaches & 31602, the consist was working for First North Western. It had arrived with the 06.40 St Annes to Greenbank, laying over at Chester for most of the day before returning with the 15.49 to Blackpool North. Dec 09, 2012
TPE 158769 at Scarborough.0 viewsOn the last day of operation before being replaced by new Class 185 units, First TransPennine Express Class 158, 158769 is stabled at Scarborough Station on Sunday August 27th 2006. The 158s operated by TransPennine still carried the base purple 'Northern Spirit' livery but with blue vinyl overlays on the lower part of the bodysides.Dec 04, 2012
Virgin Class 57s at Crewe.1 viewsVirgin Class 57/3 Thunderbirds, 57316, 57302 & 57303 gather at Crewe on September 11th 2005. 57316 was originally converted from 47290, 57302 was converted from 47827 and the former identity of 57303 was 47705.Dec 02, 2012

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