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Random files - Digital Photography.

Hebden Bridge.1 viewsA quiet moment in the late Winter afternoon sunlight at Hebden Bridge on Sunday 11th March 2012. Complete with its former Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway platform canopy, wooden signboards, platform seats & signalbox, this is almost a scene from a heritage railway.
DVT 82231 at Wakefield Westgate.0 viewsMark 4 DVT, 82231 still carrying the former GNER blue livery, brings up the rear of the 14.03 Kings Cross to Leeds on September 29th 2012.
66155 Light Engine at Blackburn.0 views66155 runs-round at Blackburn whilst working 6Z35 from Castle Cement at Clitheroe to Avonmouth on July 16th 2013.
T-68, 1007 crosses Broadway.0 viewsHaving called at Broadway, T-68 1007 passes over the level crossing and enters the street running section on South Langworthy Road whilst working from Piccadilly to Eccles on July 26th 2013.

158872 & 43309 at Leeds.0 viewsDespite the destination, Northern Rail Class 158 158872 is working the 09.02 service to Ilkley, whilst alongside East Coast HST power car 43309 is at the rear of the 09.05 to London Kings Cross at Leeds on September 21st 2013.
390104 at Wigan North Western.0 viewsDecorated with vinyls promoting Alstom, 390104 stands at Wigan North Western with the 12.30 London Euston to Glasgow Central service on April 21st 2014.
FCC 319006 at Kentish Town.0 views319006 emerges from the bridge that carries Peckwater Street and Islip Street across the Midland Main Line at the southern side of Kentish Town, as it arrives with the 13.38 Sutton to St Albans City on June 7th 2014.
TPE 185135 & 185142 depart from Blackpool North.0 views185135 & 185142 take the 11.44 First TransPennine Express to Manchester Airport away from Blackpool North on May 16th 2015.

Last additions - Digital Photography.

66182 at Clitheroe.0 views66182 propells the empty PCA cement wagons from Avonmouth into the Cement Works at Clitheroe on October 24th 2015. On the right is one of the ex Shotton Steel Works diesel shunters (GECT 5396/1975) one of a similar pair that are used in the works here.Nov 05, 2015
66182 at Pimlico (Cement Works Branch)0 views66182 has uncoupled from the empty PCAs on the Cement Works branch at Clitheroe ready to run round the wagons before propelling the train into the works on October 24th 2015.Nov 05, 2015
66182 reverses at Horrocksford Junction.0 views66182 reverses onto the up line at Horrocksford Junction prior to accessing the branch to the Cement Works whilst working the empty PCA wagons from Avonmouth on October 24th 2015.Nov 05, 2015
66182 at Horrocksford Junction.1 viewsComplete with DB branding, 66182 draws forward at Horrocksford Junction prior to reversing back to access the connection to the Cement Works on October 24th 2015.Nov 05, 2015

66182 at Horrocksford Junction, Clitheroe.0 viewsThe view down Pimlico Road at Clitheroe, as 66182 stands at Horrocksford Junction with the empty PCA cement wagons from Avonmouth on October 24th 2015.Nov 05, 2015
66181 at Lostock Hall Junction.0 viewsThe empty PCA wagons forming the Avonmouth to Clitheroe cement working, pass through Lostock Hall Junction behind 66181 on October 10th 2015.Nov 05, 2015
London Midland 350375 departs from Tamworth.0 views350375 accelerates away from Tamworth having called with the 09.54 London Euston to Crewe on September 13th 2015.Nov 05, 2015
London Midland 350109 at Tamworth.0 viewsA quick burst of sunlight on an otherwise cloudy lunchtime at Tamworth on September 13th 2015 illuminates 350109 as it called with the 10.37 Crewe to Rugby London Midland service.Nov 05, 2015

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