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Elizabeth at Vulcan Foundry.5 viewsThe works shunter at Vulcan Foundry at Newton-Le-Willows, 'Elizabeth', an 0-4-0 diesel mechanical, built in 1949 (Works no.2271), was stabled in the famous locomotive erecting shop on the 28th July 1982. The loco is now preserved on the Alderney Railway.
Wabtec Sentinel 0-4-0 at Long Marston.2 viewsBuilt by Sentinel in 1962, works number 10137, this 0-4-0 diesel had become a hire loco for Wabtec, numbered H013. The loco was in store at Long Marston on September 12th 2010.
Ex Wabtec Sentinel at Long Marston.2 viewsFormer Wabtec hire loco, H014, an 0-4-0 Sentinel, built in 1962, works number 10119, was positioned at the head of a rake of TTA tank wagons at Long Marston on the 12th September 2010.
Ex BR Class 04, D2267/Ford No.1 at Swindon Works.5 viewsIn the famous Swindon Works A shop, Former BR Class 04 Drewry Shunter, D2267 was at the works for attention in July 1977. After being withdrawn from BR service in 1971, the loco became Ford Motor Company No.1 at Dagenham in Essex. The loco passed into preservation in 1998, but was scrapped in 2000.

Andrew Barclay - 'Duke of Edinburgh' at Bardon Hill Quarry.5 views'Duke of Edinburgh' an Andrew Barclay 0-4-0, Works Number 400, built in 1956 was parked at the entrance to Bardon Hill Quarry in Leicestershire on the 19th July 1982.
Ruston & Hornsby 4WDM at Central Wagon, Ince nr Wigan.3 viewsThe Central Wagon Works Scrapyard at Ince nr Wigan was associated with the disposal of BR steam locomotives in the 1960s, including Stanier Pacific 46243-'City of Lancaster'. In this scene on the 28th July 1982, the yard was busy disposing of obsolete BR wagons, visible here is a Covhop, Ventilated Vans and a Crane Runner. The scrapped contents would end up in the 16ton Mineral Wagons visible in the right background. The former yard shunter was this Ruston & Hornsby 4-Wheel Diesel works no.349032/1953.
Agecroft No.3 at Agecroft Sidings.2 viewsOn the last day of steam operation at Agecroft Colliery and Power Station, September 12th 1981, Agecroft No.3 stands with a BR 20 Ton Brake Van, B955208 being used to give rides up and down the sidings that ran parallel to the Manchester Victoria - Bolton Line. The loco was built by Robert Stephensons & Hawthorn in 1951, works number 7681. It was one of trio of resident RSH saddle tanks that were in use at this location. Agecroft No.3 is currently at the Swindon Museum of Steam.
Ex BR Class 02, D2867 at Redland Roadstone, Barrow-Upon-Soar.0 viewsFormer BR Class 02 diesel hydraulic 0-4-0 shunter, D2867 was one of the resident shunting locomotives at the Redland Roadstone sidings at Barrow-Upon-Soar on August 16th 1981. The loco was built by the Yorkshire Engine Company entering traffic in November 1961. Its first home was Bank Hall Liverpool, where the loco would have been employed at Great Howard Street Goods Yard near to Liverpool Exchange. During its 8 year BR career the loco drifted around various depots, including Lostock Hall during 1965/1966.

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GKN 0-6-0 370 Cardiff Steel (Tremorfa).0 viewsWith the barriers down across a public road, GKN 370 a Yorkshire Engine Company 0-6-0 shunter - 'Carlisle' (2755/1959), transfers a load of glowing furnace waste in the Tremorfa Steel Works complex on June 28th 1981. The locomotive started life with the Port of London Authority but as the London Docks contracted the fleet were sold on. The heat from the load in those battered ex BR 16 Tom Mineral Wagons was quite intense!Mar 01, 2015
Barclay Fireless 'Lord Ashfield' at Kearsley Power Station.0 viewsOn the evening of May 13th 1982, redundant CEGB North West Area locomotives were in secure storage at the mothballed Kearsley power station between Bolton & Manchester. 'Lord Ashfield' had come from the closed Fleetwood power station. The fireless locomotive was built by Andrew Barclay of Kilmarnock in 1931, (Works Number 1989) and went new to Brimsdown power station in East London. It was transferred to Fleetwood in 1975. It is now preserved in the SRPS museum at Bo'ness.Oct 11, 2014
Fowler Diesel at Kearsley Power Station.0 viewsA woebegone looking John Fowler 0-4-0 diesel shunter (Works Number JF4210078/1952) was sandwiched between a pair of internal user ex BR Mineral Wagons at the mothballed Kearsley power station on May 13th 1982. The loco was in secure storage along with other CEGB North West area locomotives from power stations that had closed. The wagon on the left appears to be a makeshift overhead line vehicle for the 500v system at Kearsley, not too sure if it would pass todays H&S culture!Oct 11, 2014
Ex BR Class 05s, D2587 & D2595 at Kearsley Power Station.0 viewsWith the structures of the mothballed power station at Kearsley as a backdrop, Ex BR Class 05 diesel shunters that had been CEGB Numbers 1 & 2 from Chadderton power station, were stored with other redundant CEGB North West Area locomotives on the evening of May 13th 1982. The power station opened in 1929 and closed in October 1980, Everything has since been demolished and cleared, and housing now covers the area.Oct 11, 2014

Kearsley Power Station.0 viewsIn the fading light of a Spring evening on May 13th 1982, stored CEGB locomotives were gathered at Kearsley Power Station near Bolton. The power station was mothballed and the 500v system that connected the power station to the Manchester-Bolton line was redundant. Electric loco No.2 that had been one of the exhibits at Rainhill in 1980 was stood with ex BR Class 05s that had come from the power station at nearby Chadderton. The locos were formerly numbered D2587 & D2595.
Oct 11, 2014
Kearsley Power Station No.2 at Rainhill.0 viewsIn a quiet corner of the events field at Rainhill on May 26th 1980, Kearsley Power Station electric loco No.2 had been given a garish livery and was promoting the CEGB. The loco was surrounded by various gems of the then British Motor Industry, a Ford Cortina, a Vauxhall Chevette and an Austin Allegro, which was only two years old at the time, but looks as though it already has a rising tide of black underseal!Oct 11, 2014
A565 Derby Road, Liverpool.0 viewsAt the corner of Derby Road and Bankfield Street in the Liverpool Dockland area, there is a static mounted Diesel Shunter. It carries no identification, but appears to be a Ruston & Hornsby 88DS type. It is a visual reminder that there were once two major railway freight yards adjacent to this location. The LNWR had its Canada Dock Goods Yard, and the L&Y had Bankfield Goods. Both locations were very busy up to the 1960s, and they both had access to the MD&HB system running to the west along Regent Road.Jun 23, 2014
Drewry Shunter 'Pegasus' at Birkenhead Docks.0 viewsOperated by the Rea Bulk Handling Company, 'Pegasus' a 150hp Drewry 0-4-0 built at Vulcan Foundry in 1949, Works number 2270, was stabled close to the junction of Corporation Road and Duke Street at Birkenhead Docks on August 9th 1981. In the left background are the offices of the Blue Funnel Line and just visible on the left is a bogie bolster wagon, all part the scene of the then busy working port - now all history.Apr 06, 2014

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